Wireless VGA Extender: Enables flawless operation of mobile workstations

The Wireless VGA Extender allows a VGA Display device to be located up to 200 feet away from the source. Consisting of a transmitter which connects to a VGA source, this unit wirelessly transmits video signals to the various computers or laptops via wireless network connection.  

With the help of this device and by making use of a computer’s wireless 802.11b or 802.11g network card, VGA, XGA or WXGA resolution video (up to 1024 x 768), including MPEG1, 2 & 4, can be streamed along with 3.5mm stereo audio. The VGA Extender transmits the video signals over Wi-Fi channels, allowing them to go through walls and obstructions.

There is no need for any additional software or hardware for configuring this VGA Extender as it has a web based user interface. The installation and control program, which is in built into the transmitter module, is accessed from any internet browser. For security, this product has a session log in and is Wi-Fi WEP protected. If set up as a stand alone device, the built in DHCP server acts as an access point and when connected to a network, it defaults to the existing DHCP server, thus providing greater installation flexibility. Windows Vista, XP, 2000 systems can all work with this device which is RoHS compliant.

Perfect for situations where it is not possible to install cables, or in situations where the workstation would be moving frequently, this device plays a crucial role. The conference control function makes it ideal for presentations, digital signage, residential applications, classrooms, and conference areas and perfect for PowerPoint & real-time video presentations. The Wireless VGA Extender is often found to be utilized in these types of applications.