What You Must Know About JavaScript Errors and How to Avoid Them

Almost anyone browsing web pages runs into a JavaScript error occasionally.  The conscientious computer user will be interested in how to fix these JavaScript errors and concerned about what they mean for his or her PC.  Since this is such a common error, it is important to know what to do about it.

Important Things to Know About JavaScript

Javascript is a “scripting language,” which is different from a “programming language.”  Programming languages are used to write computer programs.  Scripting languages are mostly used to write code for applications on web pages.

Images that move, pull-down menus, or images that transform when a user rolls the mouse over the image, among other common website features, usually make use of JavaScript.

Finally, don’t confuse JavaScript and the Java programming language.  JavaScript errors and Java errors are entirely different, and resolving either type of error requires distinct methods.

Avoiding JavaScript Errors

A JavaScript error actually is an error in the code of the web page being viewed.  It is not an error on the part of the PC doing the viewing.  More than anything, these errors are a meaningless annoyance; however, they can also leave erroneous information in a PC’s Windows registry, leading to computer freezes, file errors, and other issues later on.

To avoid seeing further error messages, many browsers have the option of turning off this type of notification.  Additionally, different web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and so on) respond differently to different sites.

It is possible that switching browsers may result in seeing fewer error messages.  Remember, though, that disabling these messages does not mean they are not occurring and adding to registry clutter.

Registry Maintenance Prevents Damage from a JavaScript Error

JavaScript errors may lead to false information polluting the Windows registry.  This part of a computer contains information pertaining to user preferences, bits of code required for different programs to run, and other data.  When the computer needs to remember something and recall it often, this is where it goes.

A cluttered registry creates problems with many computer programs.  When a program cannot access required data, the software will work incorrectly or not at all.  This is where a registry cleaner can help.

Registry cleaning software repairs erroneous entries and removes unwanted data from a PC’s registry.  Avoid problems caused by JavaScript errors and download a trusted registry cleaner to fix existing errors, making sure also to enable its routine maintenance scans.