What is Technological Harassment?

Technological harassment refers to the use of advanced technology to perspective, track and/or harass a person from a distance. The technology falls under the group of “non-lethal weapons” (NLWs) or “directed strength weapons” (DEWs).

Crude “non-lethal” weapons are obtainable on the internet and by means of publications.

See: Large-Tech Harassment: How to Get Even with Anybody At any time for an example of a straightforward weapon.

See also:

Ultrasonic devices
Revenge devices
Sonic nausea

There is no doubt that more advanced weapons are in use, even so absence of media protection produces the perception that this sort of weapons do not exist.

There is loads of evidence, even so, that a fantastic deal of cash has been spent on the development of just this sort of weapons (i.e. the U.S. “Star Wars” protection undertaking) .

What is recognized about the technology is mainly what is described by the speedily growing number of victims, whose frequent activities give an indicator of what is attainable. What is attainable is much over and above just about anything that the general general public has experienced publicity to.

What do victims of Technological Harassment practical experience?

Not all victims practical experience both gang stalking and technological harassment, but the greater part do. Neighborhood-based harassment contains some of the adhering to:

* Break-ins and small scale vandalism or sabotage
* Day by day, repetitive, antagonistic activities involving various stalkers and/or vehicles
* Numerous each day cell phone phone calls with no 1 on the other finish of the cell phone
* Sound harassment from neighbors

Listed here are more examples:

Technological harassment can include:

* Continuous banging and tapping of partitions and windows
* Dizziness, weak spot
* Day by day headache
* Severe fatigue
* Intense, disruptive ear ringing
* Buzzing or clicking in the head, ears or sinuses
* Jolts and jerks to muscle tissue
* Stomach discomfort/nausea
* Vibrating objects, this sort of as mattress, chair or physique
* Mental confusion/incapability to concentrate
* Inexplicable behavior of just about anything mechanical like the Television set, computer, car, and appliances (for example, Television set turning on or off by by itself)

In the upcoming element of this collection of e-criminal offense article content, I will go over the fundamentals of digital harassment devices, with a perspective to exposing all factors of digital harassment, surveillance, and countermeasures obtainable to all those who are unfortunate sufficient to be targetted.