What is Router and how it Works?

A router is a networking element that controls Internet and LAN traffic, shares the available bandwidth between multiple connected computers, filters packets, acts as a hardware firewall based on its configuration, network gateway, NAT server and wireless Access Point .A wireless router is essentially a bunch of network cards connected internally by an intelligent switch that directs the incoming/outgoing traffic between them.

A hardware router functions by comparing IP addresses with written rules and directs traffic packages to destination IP addresses. All Internet connections we initiate between two points are passing through multiple routers on their way to reach final point, and all routers are filtering the packages according to established rules and then pointing packet in the right direction. If a package does not meet criteria it can be deleted, therefore never reaching its destination.

A network router adds a new layer of security, betterĀ than most software security solutions you have installed on your system. It’s also faster at filtering traffic and requires less resource than a software level of security to do its job. Most routers can be firmware upgraded to add new functions and encryption protocols, repair bugs, but this depends on the manufacturer, it’s not a rule.

Ethernet (Local Area Network) network packets can’t usually pass through a router, and that implies you can’t share files and folders between computers located on both sides of a router, but there are a few workarounds like VPN tunnels, remote desktop connection software, or routers configured as a bridge between two networks.

Wireless routers have gained popularity in the recent years as they allow one to connect to any network remotely from anywhere. Moreover, you need not worry about the messy cables and wires which are connected to wired networks. The installation of wired networks can be a costly and time consuming process, for which you would need to make holes in the walls for the connection to be transferred from one room or floor to another room or floor. Wireless routers prevent all such issues. They are nowadays installed at airports, malls, large departmental stores, railway stations etc. They are many companies that manufacture wireless routers which are becoming more reliable due to the benefits they provide.

Wireless routers are considered to be the heart of wireless networks. They function in the same way as a cordless phone base station. A wireless router is a hardware device which carries out the functions of an access point as well as the router itself. The main aim of the access point is to connect computers in the facility to one another and then connect them all to the Internet. It helps in sharing a single Internet connection with many computers without a need to pay extra as Internet subscription fees for each individual user. The normal range of the wireless signal is 100 feet within which the users can use the Internet.

Types of Wireless Routers

There are two types of wireless routers which are the best in their assigned functions and have different uses. The first type enables you to connect computer systems within a single household as long as the computers are within a specific range of the wireless router. It also enables the users to access the Internet remotely. The second type of wireless router has the ability to cover a wider area and is used mainly in corporate offices.

How does a Wireless Router Work?

A wireless router operates by plugging a base set into the Internet connection, giving web access to the computer. It enables individuals to work online without the need to be connected through wires. It also allows Internet usage through wired connections wherein the desktop is connected to the router via the Ethernet cable. There are many ports on a router which determine the number of computers that can access the Internet through a single broadband connection. A router is a device wherein two or more things can be joined, which connects a single network together. There is an inbuilt modem that connects computers either with one of its cables or without any wires.

A wireless router functions in the same same way as a wireless cellular phone. It is hooked up to a cable or a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet connection and uses radio frequency waves instead of telephone lines to transmit and receive networking signals, which allows data transmission from one place to another. The data and information from the computer system is translated into a radio signal before it’s transmission. The wireless router decodes the signal after receiving it and thereafter sends the data to the Internet through a wired connection. It can also receive data from the web, transform it into a radio signal, and then send it to a computer. A wireless network works as a two-way radio communication system. It uses the same system wherein radio and television programs are aired.
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