What are the Benefits and Usage of Routers

The router is a tool designed specifically as a ‘bridge’ between the modem and the computer. The size of the router is usually about the same size as a modem. This tool is in charge of receiving information coming from the modem, translate the information and deliver it to our computer. This hardware also chooses the best route for its data package so we can receive the information quickly.

If you have one computer at home, then the router is not important. Router is used if you want to share one internet connection to various computers at home.

Basically the router has 2 different but related important tasks:

  1. This tool assures that the information sent to the destination.
  2. This tool also ensures that the information sent does not lead to unnecessary places. This is important so that high-volume data is not ‘confusing’ or ‘jamming’ connections.

Routers used in a network can also perform several other important functions:

  1. Role as the default gateway.
  2. Routing data between networks.

How to Access to Your Router

To get into the router, you can open the browser and type the address of the router in the address bar and press Enter. Your router’s address depends on the brand.

Sometimes the default address and default password can be seen on the label printing on the router but if not found you can search it on the internet.

Here is an example of how to access the router.

  • Type (this is the router’s default IP address) in the address bar of your browser and press Enter.
  • After that the Log-in box will appear and you are prompted to enter the password and username, password and username is ‘admin’ for the particular model of the newest router but for the old model the password is admin and username ‘blank’ alias empty (not filled) .
  • After entering the Set-Up page, you can enter the username and password provided by your ISP to access the Internet, if you do not know this information, the best way to find out is to contact your provider.

How to Reset a Router

If you have ever changed your router password and forgot the password, the last way is to reset your router. But before doing that, you may want to try to find the default username and password for your router brand. Although this is not the same on each router but there is a possibility you can access to your router in this way.

To reset the router: most routers have a small button located behind the router. By pressing this small button and hold about 10 to 15 seconds then this will reset the router.