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Retail corporations generally provide and distribute items to consumers at diverse spots. Lately, improvement in technology has led to the improvement of on-line retail corporations. These are corporations that use the internet to advertise their commodities and also aid consumers check with for the commodities that they would like dispersed to them. RockCreek is a person of these corporations and is dependent out in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It offers with camping, climbing climbing, paddling, etc. The corporation owns a website that assists it and its clients to obtain each individual other quickly and provide efficient solutions. The company’s website has some strengths that allow it to compete actively with those corporations that provide the items in the sector. This paper will request to examine the strengths, weaknesses, prospects, and threats that the corporation is suffering from.


The functionality of the on-line enterprise in relation to businesses that provide equivalent solutions is fairly substantial. This can be attributed to many aspects in the enterprise. RockCreek has been ready to personalize its web page to all its clients and this has pushed it a move forward. Buyers are able of building their possess accounts whereby they are demanded to present their e-mails and passwords. The account enables the consumer to achieve obtain to all the capabilities of the website. When a consumer creates an account, he or she is able of publishing a comment to the corporation. The comment could be the good quality of the product or service that the corporation is presenting or any other general comment that the consumer may perhaps deem in shape for the corporation. These feedback permit the management to increase the good quality of the two the solutions and the solutions that the corporation offers to its clients. Enhancing the good quality of the solutions and the solutions helps the corporation in competing with corporations that provide equivalent solutions and solutions. Once more, when the good quality of the product or service is improved, additional clients will like the company’s solutions than solutions from other corporations. Persons who have accounts are also able of giving their suggestions to the corporation which again helps the corporation and the consumer. Tips may perhaps require a new design that matches the clients additional than the offered design. The consumer could also propose the corporation to make some advancements on its distribution if he or she feels that the corporation is having also prolonged to distribute its solutions to him or her. This way, the management attempts to appear for indicates that can be made use of to aid in conference the consumer wants and retain the consumer. Tips of diverse versions of solutions that the clients may perhaps have to have helps the corporation inventory commodities from diverse suppliers that presents the consumer a listing of commodities to decide on from (Ralph, 2002: p.1).

A desire listing helps the corporation know the commodities that a consumer desires to satisfy when he or she is procuring with the corporation. This helps the corporation inventory all these commodities and this way, the clients will normally have all their requirements achieved any time that they desire to shop with the corporation. The personalized account has been extremely useful to clients given that any consumer be it an person or an group who has produced an order from the corporation is able of monitoring the development of the order. Tracking ahs aided clients to construct self-confidence with the corporation and it has also aided them make their programs for the commodities given that they are guaranteed that they will receive the commodities. Tracking of orders also helps the consumer to remind the corporation of the moments that they have to have their order and this helps the corporation to conveniently prepare for the transportation of the order.

The account that a consumer creates helps him or her to retail outlet billing and shipping data in the account. This would make it extremely simple for the two the consumer and the corporation to finalize a transaction. It also boosts the velocity at which the transaction is finalized because most of the facts that are demanded for the transaction are already offered. An advantage of building a personalized account is that no other man or woman can obtain the data in the account except the consumer and the corporation in which the consumer forwards the data. The corporation has a privateness plan that strictly hinders the launch of an individual’s data in circumstance the person visits the website (Andy & Josiah, 2008: p.1). The corporation is also properly acknowledged in the local location and most of the people today would go for their procuring with the corporation for the superior name it has designed. The brand name of the corporation is properly acknowledged and this is for the solutions and the solutions that the corporation offers to its clients. The shipping alternate options that the corporation offers to its clients helps appeal to extremely a lot of clients the two domestically and nationally. A personalized account helps a consumer save a whole lot of time that could have been squandered in queuing given that the consumer only wants to open up his or her account and position the order. The company’s website would make it extremely simple for the clients to navigate and research for solutions by use of the fall down menus. Other capabilities that the people today with accounts obtain consist of an on-line tackle reserve that is fairly handy, the heritage of the orders that a man or woman has been earning, etc. the website is also intended in a way that its visual appeal will normally make an person to keep longer. The homepage also has some no cost giveaways that are fairly interesting to the consumer. This in transform would make the consumer conscious of the solutions that the corporation has for clients. The homepage also is made up of interaction data in which the clients who take a look at the website are informed of the forthcoming local and countrywide situations they can also see bulletins and information on the very same webpage.

Weak point

The corporation also faces some downfalls it is drastically challenged by its opponents. The amount of money of dollars that is used in acquiring the website is also significantly in comparison to the amount of money that the web page delivers again. There also lacks some commodities that can be put in the website that can give revenue again very easily. Deficiency of countrywide internet marketing drastically lowers the range of clients for the corporation. Most of the people today inside of the nation have no desire in the corporation given that the corporation won’t offer with them on a regular foundation. Persons are also not conscious of the solutions and solutions that the corporation offers. The research engine that is offered for the clients is at moments not extremely efficient particularly when looking for some distinct objects these as the tents. A person of the consequences of the ineffective research engine is that the clients will not get the data that they wished about the commodities. It may perhaps also direct to frustrations given that the consumer has used some dollars in looking for some data that couldn’t be accessed (Ralph, 2002: p.1). Once more, when clients are unaware of the facts about a commodity they will tend to appear for the data in some other spots which qualified prospects to reduction of clients. If some commodities are in the retail outlet waiting around to be picked, the website does not clearly show the availability of the data about these commodities. Any consumer who visits the website when these objects are in retail outlet may perhaps be deceived that the commodities are not offered in the corporation and will thus go on the lookout for the commodity in other spots. Use of the internet is a drawback to those who do not have the understanding of the internet. Use of the website hence hinders these people today from accessing data about the commodities that the corporation offers.


By the use of the website, the corporation stands a far better likelihood of boosting its growth and its solutions to clients. The new improvement in technology qualified prospects to improvements that can aid in boosting the website. Innovations in the internet are in which the fiber optical cable is made use of in position of the satellite would make the transfer of data simple and quickly. Technology has also led to the improvement of transportable devices that can be carried in diverse spots these as laptops and palmtops and modems which aid a person obtain the internet anywhere they desire. This indicates that a consumer can position his or her order at any time and in any position he or she wishes. This is significant for the corporation because it will achieve additional clients because of to simple and quickly obtain of the internet. The website has an chance to improve the method of promoting in that a lot of clients can now obtain the internet at a more affordable charge and a person that is more quickly. This is significant because the corporation wants to provide its clients quickly and inside of the specified moments. This will also improve consumer pleasure and attraction of other clients. Buyers can make their orders from any position and at any time because the consumer wants to position his or her order in the website. The consumer also won’t have to have to take a look at the corporation in order to verify the proceedings of the order but can track it on the website as prolonged as the consumer is registered with the website. The website when properly made use of can aid the corporation fully grasp the wants of the clients (Mark, 2009: p.1).

An encouragement to the clients to listing most of the commodities they are interested in inside of the website will aid in obtaining this. When the customers’ wants are achieved, the clients will tend to be interested in obtaining additional and additional from the corporation and they could possibly also refer some of their mates to the corporation given that they have self-confidence in it. This helps retain clients and carry in new clients. The website has prospects of boosting the way that it offers the solutions to its clients. Greater solutions to clients indicates orders are processed inside of the specified time and commodities are sent in superior time. This will aid in setting up have confidence in inside of the clients and at some point direct to additional orders from the clients. The corporation also has an chance to improve the complete customer’s working experience through the shipping and delivery of individualized net web pages and solutions, variety, availability, no cost on-time shipping and cheapest price ranges achievable. This will make it much easier for the consumer working with the website and will make him or her come to feel no cost whenever he or she is planning to make orders. The corporation can expand thoroughly because of to the growth of the use of the internet. The growth will improve the revenue of the corporation. Some of the offered capabilities can be made use of in conjunction with the new capabilities so as to lessen costs and improve revenue.


The corporation is dealing with some threats that have to have to be tackled so as to continue serving its clients to the most. The website is presently dealing with limited level of competition from web-sites these as,,, and These are corporations that present the very same commodities to the clients and use the website for their retail. These are web-sites that are rising and thus pose a threat of competing for clients. The website is also expending a whole lot of dollars in internet marketing for its solutions and in integrating new technology. This is dollars that the corporation is not guaranteed no matter if it will recover in the current entire world of level of competition. Some of the clients are normally apprehensive of the privateness of the data that they place on the website. The difficulty of on-line fraud is yet another key problem that may perhaps hinder people today from registering with the website. These people today come to feel that the facts of their personalized data could be accessed by some ineffective people today or their dollars could be missing in the method. A further risk is the chance of hackers (Mark, 2009: p.1). These are people today who ruin the technique of a corporation with a lousy intention or for the entertaining of it. Hackers make the technique to crash whereby the technique are not able to operate any even more not until formatting is performed and the software package is set up when additional. The time desired to put in the software package may perhaps direct to the reduction of a lot of clients given that the clients are not conscious of the problem that they could be dealing with in the website. The federal government could develop legislations in the foreseeable future that may perhaps not favor on-line retailing. This would imply that all the dollars that the corporation has used in acquiring and maintaining the website is missing.


A SWOT assessment of an on-line retail corporation helps the corporation know its strengths, weaknesses, prospects and threats. The strengths of RockCreek aid it know the powerful details that it has against its opponents. A person of its powerful details is the development of a personalized account that helps clients have obtain to all the fantastic capabilities of the web page. The weaknesses address those parts that the website is weak in, in relation to other opponents. The prospects are the parts in which the corporation has likelihood for improvement. The threats determine all the aspects that pose fantastic challenges to the corporation particularly in which competing corporations are worried. The SWOT assessment can aid a corporation make a decision the steps that it will consider so as to retain its competitive advantage.


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