Use Mild Speed to Find Your Server

Resources to Find Your Server

The fantastic information is you do not require a super correct take a look at, as a substitute, a comparatively correct answer is readily accessible. All you require is a tiny knowledge of the velocity of gentle and optical fiber! Vital parts of data:

one. Mild travels at around 186,000 miles for every second or 186 miles for every millisecond in a vacuum.
two. Fiber has a refractive index of all-around one.forty six.
3. The modern “Internet” is fiber when dealing with extended distances.

In scenario you have not discovered, these are not precise calculations.

The following move in your discovering method is to comprehend a “ping” take a look at. You probably have the “ping” tool on your computer previously. “Ping” is a straightforward plan utilized to test community connectivity and effectiveness. It will mail a take a look at packet of data out to a specified domain or IP and time how extended it takes for that domain or IP to reply. It will report that back again to you in “milliseconds.” We have guidelines if you have by no means utilized this just before.


Right after you have done the ping exams, just just take the the resultant milliseconds and multiply it by the velocity of gentle in fiber. This will give you the spherical excursion mileage. Divide by two for the a person way length:

Taken from the regular consequence of the Linux instance from earlier mentioned for a ping from Newark, Delaware to Los Angeles, California

seventy seven.two Milliseconds * 186 miles for every millisecond / one.forty six refractive index = 9835 miles spherical excursion or 4918 a person way.

Hold out a millisecond, traveling from Newark, DE to Los Angeles, CA is not almost 5000 miles! Straight line length is about two,350 miles. The shortest length by car or truck from Google is 2700 miles. In this scenario, due to the fact we have a fantastic strategy of what towns the physical route goes via, it is about 3,200 miles. So what presents?

Other Variables

There are a bunch of exterior things that affect the “distance”:

one. The take a look at packet will have to be encoded and decoded by your computer and the concentrate on computer.
two. Tools like switches and routers (consider a “trace route“) will have to interact with your packet to get it to it’s spot.
3. Not all of the route will be about fiber. Most of it will be, but specific areas these as your possess Internet relationship, will not be.
4. Lifetime is not ideal.

Check out It Oneself

On the other hand, this is a reasonable way to examine “distances” to locate your server locale. Check out it out on diverse web sites and examine it to to our East Coastline info heart (suburban Washington, D.C.) and our West Coastline info heart (Los Angeles, California). Ping the adhering to to see the difference: