The Philosophy And Ethics Of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP was produced by Richard Bandler and John Grinder from learning a few primary therapists, Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls. Due to the fact then it has grow to be a primary toll in business administration, sales, schooling, teaching, particular coaching and sporting activities as properly as therapy and many other areas.


Even so NLP can also be viewed as a existence philosophy. In unique, NLP can be made use of to assist us determine how we must dwell our lives (i.e. ethics), the mother nature of reality (metaphysics) and the mother nature of expertise (i.e. epistemology).

The remainder of this post discusses the philosophy of Neuro Linguistic Programming, concentrating in unique on the NLP Presuppositions.


NLP can itself be viewed as an epistemology, in the sense that it has basic presuppositions upon which the rest of the discipline is crafted. The in depth presuppositions vary depending upon the trainer, author, or college of NLP with which one is working with, despite the fact that most are popular to all practitioners.

Popular Neurolinguistic Presupposition involve:

one. The map is not the territory.
two. Everybody lives in their possess exceptional model of the world.
3. The beneficial worthy of of an specific is held continual it is only actions which could not be suitable.
four. Each individual actions has a beneficial intention.

It must be mentioned that the Presuppositions of NLP are not considered to be genuine or bogus. They are regarded as to be practical in doing therapy or simply just dwelling our lives.


You will note from the higher than presuppositions that NLP places value on the specific, irrespective of the actions that they could be engaged in at any unique time. This is a crucial belief for a therapist who could be treating a disturbed specific, who engages in self destructive or otherwise destructive actions.

In truth, valuing the other as an specific is the basis of many moral and religious systems.

In addition, not only does just about every specific have a continual beneficial worthy of, just about every actions has a beneficial intention. So even when anyone does some thing that could genuinely annoy us, by believing that they have a beneficial intention we give ourselves permission to consider the ideal and go on with no encountering anger. Someone cuts you off in targeted visitors, you can get mad, or you can wonder what unexpected emergency they are likely to, or what other problems they have in their existence that make them behave in that way.

NLP teaches us that just about every specific has their possess map or model of the world, which is exceptional to that specific. In NLP we are taught to respect people maps. So, when we fulfill a different man or woman, we can be respectfully curious about their map of the world, curious about their beliefs and values, curious about how they see points, and what they feel.

NLP truly goes further more than this. It tells us that the map is not the territory. That our map is not reality. Not just other people’s map, but our map as properly. It tells us that we have no monopoly on being proper, and in truth we are by definition erroneous, at least to the extent that we consider we are proper!


As we study NLP and just take the Presuppositions of NLP to coronary heart, we will begin to respect other folks and ourselves a lot more. Figuring out that just about every man or woman has a exceptional map will allow us the area to take and even value the variations that exist.

We can also begin to take our possess weaknesses as we separate our actions from our id. This provides us the means to seem at our possess weaknesses with empathy and know that we can improve them with no getting rid of our self.