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Preventing Loss Of Hearing With Good Ear Muffs Good hearing is an indication of a happy child. Children begin to develop their communication and language abilities even when they were still babies so good hearing is very important. In the Unites States, more than 10% of kids from 6 to 19 years old are affected by NIHL or noise induced hearing loss. Excessive noise can damage the inner ear’s sensitive hair cells and may cause hearing loss. Electrical signals are converted from sound through these hair cells. The bad news is that the damage may be permanent and will largely impact the language development of affected children. There are ways to protect children from NIHL such as avoiding exposure to places with excessive noise and giving them quality ear muffs which they can wear should they need to go to a noisy event. When is sound dangerous?
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It takes a shorter time for high intensity sounds to be damaging. It is safe to be exposed for a long time to low intensity noise such as chat and laughter sounds, food processors or vacuum cleaners. Exposure to the sound of household power tools like electric drills become potentially unsafe after 10 minutes. The noise coming from a speed boat, a rock concert or a motor sport race can severely damage a child’s ears in less than 2 minutes. Noises that should be avoided are gun shot sounds, jet planes and fireworks at a close distance can inflict immediate damage to the ears.
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Outdoor sports events, air shows, music festivals and firework displays can be great fun, but if you are thinking of bringing a child along, you should provide good fitting ear muffs. Make sure to try the ear muffs in advance and adjust accordingly so that the child can easily use them anytime. You could try testing the ear muffs while doing yard work like lawn mowing. Ear plugs are effective short term solutions, but ear muffs should be your primary choice. Some children will have difficulty putting on ear plugs plus they can be unhygienic and may cause allergies. Ear plugs are also not a good option for long term use. Once ear muffs are properly adjusted, ear muffs can be used anytime. They are also hygienic and provide complete protection to the ears. Most children will also find ear muffs very comfortable to wear. Let them choose their own designs or colors. In choosing the top ear muffs for the entire family, do not hesitate to browse the Internet for recommendations by reading the best ear muff reviews.