The Default Username and Password for Linksys Router Reset Configuration

Cisco Systems Inc. has come out with the Linksys router which is of great benefits to the networking world. Available in wired or wireless, it has certainly enables communication, Intranet systems and Internet works in a broader sense. It also helps up speed of data and information to be transferred in businesses or for personal purposes. The router comes in several models and each one may have different configuration settings.

Along the way, there will be times when there is the need arise for the Linksys router reset to takes place. When there are instances a person forgets his or her password or there is a major re-setting up to be carried out. The default username and password will come as useful when this happens. Although this information is already set in the router as it is the default factory login, it is still beneficial to know about it. These are the default settings for different models:

Model Comcast (username: Comcast, password: 1234)

Model EtherFast Cable/DSL Ethernet router (username: Administrator, password: none)

Model BEFW11S4, WRT54G (username: admin, password: none)

Other Linksys routers model (username: admin, password: none)

The word none means there is no password required. It could be skipped by leaving it blank and enter to log in. However it is highly advisable that in Linksys router reset, each user should enter in his or her own personal password which will protect the router from being detected and used by other unintended people. This is an important aspect of security and one could be considered unwise if leave the username and password at the usual default setting as everyone would have know what it is. Another important thing is to keep in mind the password that has been set as forgetting it too often leads to repeated resetting up which will be troublesome.