The benefits of biometric fingerprinting Technology

Biometric fingerprint is a widely used technology around the world for many official maps. The use of this technology has many advantages that we suggest you find in this article. The biometric fingerprint is indeed very personal.

Security by fingerprint

Fingerprint scanners work by scanning and picking up the elements to differentiate fingerprints. Particularly safe, they use biological data inherent to a person to differentiate it. Thus, by entering these data into a high-level storage system, each person is distinguished among an entire population. The level of reliability of this technology is therefore unrivalled in terms of security.

Biometric fingerprinting technology is generally exploited by major institutions such as airports, laboratories and national security services. These institutions can choose from several types of biometric locks such as those working with the fingerprint, fingerprint of the venous network of the finger, the imprint of the contour of the hand or the footprint of the retina. Because all of this, data is unique to each person, this technology provides security in all circumstances. You no longer need to remember several passwords or keys, just use your fingerprint.

Biometric lock, very easy to use

Once your fingerprints are recorded in the system, the latter locks or unlocks very easily in seconds as soon as your fingerprints are recognized. For the same system, it is possible to enter up to 300 different fingerprints. You can therefore save all fingerprints according to your permissions. Large companies often use the biometric lock for their security system.

As an individual, you can also install a fingerprint recognition system for your home or coffer for instance. Its benefits also lie in the speed of its installation. Actually, the scan of your fingerprint is done in minutes, as much as its recording. The biometric lock thus has several advantages.

Identification by biometric fingerprints


In the judiciary, especially in cases of infraction or crime, biometric fingerprints have definite advantages over identification. In fact, by entering the data of the entire population in a support, justice as the police now has a safe and reliable way to determine the wrongdoer. It is impossible for two people to have the same fingerprint and even less the same retinal fingerprint.

This system is used extensively in jewellery stores or banks to facilitate the identification of the actual makers of the place at the moment. Moreover, Semlex, a Belgian company, provides biometric identity documents to various companies to help them. Created in 1992 and led by Albert Karaziwan, Semlex is a company that provides States with reliable identification systems and official documents (identity papers, driver’s license, police card, military card …). Albert Karaziwan and his team are always creating new technologies to help countries to be more secure.