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4 Tips on How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

If you’re putting your home up for sale, you’ll obviously want to hire best real estate listing agent available. However, lots of people make the mistake of basing their choice of agent on commission charged and suggested list price for their home. It’s understandable that like many homeowners, you want to get the best price for your home and pay the lowest commission possible. But what makes a good agent isn’t those two factors. So to find a competent agent, what criteria should you use? Check out the following guidelines and see if they can be of help.

Listing price

Concerning the list price suggested, it’s important to keep in mind that your agent cannot really know how much your property is going to sell for. To assist you with choosing a sales price, the agent may show you some of their previously sold listings plus current listings like yours. Ultimately, it’s up to the buyer to determine whether the price is right for them. A good agent, therefore, should provide you with a price range. This range is subject to a number of factors, such as market trends, location of the property, etc. The agent who suggests the biggest listing price is therefore not necessarily the best.
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Commission charged
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Picking the agent who asks for the lowest commission is not always a good idea. It’s possible, however, to find an agent who’s willing to work for less than their competition because you may be willing to send more business their way. What’s important is that you don’t choose an agent who’s either desperate for business, or incompetent.

Agent’s marketing plan

Every agent will need the most effective marketing methods as well as a good advertising budget in order to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible. Because of wider exposure, an agency with a huge marketing budget will probably sell your property faster. So have an agent show you their full marketing plan before hiring them. The marketing plan needs to include essential tactics such as incentives for brokers, distribution to major real estate sites, four-color flyers, and a virtual tour for buyers. Advertising in the local paper may also be necessary. The more the marketing tactics included in the marketing plan, the higher the chances of selling your home fast and at a good price.

Experience and track record

You probably want an agent who’s experienced and has a good track record. Ask the prospective agent to show you what properties they’ve managed to sell in the last year. In terms of price range and location, are some of those homes similar to yours? How long did it take the agent to sell those homes?