Technological improvements and style and design innovations to assist fur consumption expansion

Fur marketplace, a pretty superior diploma of export-oriented trade fairs for them to make an intercontinental trade system. Chinese and foreign traders if they could converse to this enthusiastic and orders, this reasonable is a achievements. “COFCO chairman of Ning Gaoning in the thirty second China Global Fur and Leather Merchandise Fair say so.

    January ten-13, the thirty second China Global Fur and Leather Merchandise Fair at the Beijing Global Trade Centre and the Global Exhibition Centre, held concurrently. Fair Central Foodstuff Team Organization – China National Native Generate Animal By-Merchandise Import and Export Company and the a few co-sponsored by Lee Promotion and Exhibition Co., Ltd..

    On the opening day, COFCO chairman of Ning Gaoning interesting destinations to take a look at during the Earth Exhibition Corridor, at the time of the take a look at is most involved about the turnover of trade reasonable exhibitors. He approached the to start with booth on the Exhibitor Zhejiang worms Fur Co. questioned. Worms, chairman Wei extensive-phrase that just took in excess of its operate on a selection of orders, Spain, Italy, Japan, the retailers of the worms are intrigued in the item. The firm’s annual exhibition in Beijing, turnover have been sizeable.

    Frank Ning, Chairman at the reporter an exclusive interview after the take a look at. He COFCO member enterprises China National Native Generate Animal By-Merchandise Import and Export Company, and a few Lee Promotion and Exhibition Co., Ltd. co-sponsored this exhibition, entirely affirmed.

    He explained that China and Turkey to host animal repeatedly for 32 many years the China Global Fur and Leather Merchandise Fair, to make a system for intercontinental trade, attracting a substantial selection of domestic and foreign businessmen came to talk about fur orders, investing actions are pretty enthusiastic to prove that the Fair is effective. Fair’s Organizing Committee in recent periods of the demonstrate positioned as the marketplace chain exhibition, efforts to encourage and guideline enterprises in impartial innovation, in the several actions held through the reasonable, through the brand names publishing and fashion trends, as well as a forum for youthful designers opposition, to invite foreign experts to carry out lectures on impartial innovation and discussion, a solid impetus to China’s fur firm’s brand name setting up and advertising of their integration with the world. The role of this system is of good significance.

    Ning, chairman explained that through this reasonable scene of energetic and enthusiastic, you can see fur marketplace, the good momentum of improvement. In the course of a take a look at through the exhibition, from Denmark, Italy, Finland and other nations around the world of the retailers have told him that the intercontinental fur market place, need has risen. To keep this craze, primarily in China Fur items quality and raise manufacturing and revenue, technological progress and innovation have performed a role in boosting.

    Ning Gaoning explained that the exhibits from the exhibition can be observed with fur marketplace, market place need, the fur of the manufacturing process, the new processing systems merged with the designer’s creativity, and continuously create new suggestions fur garments and type, so that fur garments obtaining more youthful and more youthful, fashion-oriented, diversified craze, well into the fashion apparel which has expanded the fur market place, and improvement of the marketplace performed a decisive constructive role.

    Ning Gaoning explained that fur and fashion designers to merge well, so that fur clothes cater to the craze of fashion additional suited to the preferences of shoppers. Fur items designers also prolonged to the domestic, footwear, bag, motor vehicle interiors and other new parts of consumption, so that the marketplace has a rising market place. Through technological progress and style and design innovation, changing people’s fur garment merely a image of luxurious and prosperity the impact that, so that fur in direction of the basic general public, into a additional broad vary of folks to pursue fashion garments, so that industries keep on to develop and create.

    From the thirty second China Global Fur and Leather Merchandise Fair exhibition merchandise, folks can see China from a fur animal breeding to the fur tanning, dyeing, garment created processing, has shaped a comprehensive industrial chain. Show of domestic fur exhibition merchandise have been substantial-scale breeding of animals, fur dyeing marketplace has been ready to rabbit hair, wool and other processed through the standard fur boost quality, not only reduces the charge of fur, but also a improved efficiency of the one of a kind characteristics and fur clothes, attractive. Fur dyeing methods and weaving, embroidery and other new technology apps and repeatedly producing, changing the traditional picture of fur, so that the marketplace into new parts.

    Ning Gaoning explained that as a pretty superior diploma of labor-intense and export-oriented industries, improvement of fur trade exhibition, to encourage consumption, prosperity and performed a constructive role in the market place.