TDM-C500 ADSL2 Modem Router Connects to Wireless Router or Obtain Place?

Some folks make blunders in buying the wireless obtain stage (AP) to create a wireless network in home and share the broadband ADSL internet connection with lots of shopper pcs inside of the family. They really don’t understand that what they presently have in home is a modem (with out the routing / NAT function). When the wireless AP connects to this modem, it creates a wireless LAN but only a single shopper computer system can obtain the internet at the same time. Why? The modem doesn’t incorporate the NAT function.

The NAT (Network Address Translation) is a essential element of the routers which is to translate and map an IP tackle or additional to a single or additional IP tackle in distinct networks. Generally in home router, the NAT element is applied to map a solitary community IP tackle delivered by your ISP to a single or additional non-public IP addresses behind the router (which is your inside network). In situation that you have already bought a wireless obtain stage and your shopper pcs are not able to share the internet, your modem doesn’t incorporate the NAT element. What you need is a modem with router function these kinds of as TDM-C500 ADSL2 modem router.

TDM-C500 is an ADSL2 modem with router function. The modem contains the twin firewall characteristics – the NAT and SPI (stateful packet inspection). The NAT element can help you cover your inside network from the wild internet and to share your ADSL broadband internet connection with lots of pcs in the network.

TDM-C500 ADSL2 modem router incorporate a single ten/100Mbps Car-MDIX RJ-forty five port you can use to join the wireless obtain stage these kinds of as TEW-690AP N450 Wireless Obtain Place need to you need to broaden the network wirelessly. Because this TDM-C500 modem contains the router function, you really don’t need a wireless router for producing wireless network, just join a wireless obtain stage to share the broadband internet connection.

There are some wireless routers that can be switched to obtain stage mode these kinds of as WZR-HP-G300NH Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless-N Router & Obtain Place. It contains exterior swap to modify amongst router and obtain stage modes. Some router producers offer suggestions in connecting the router to yet another router (such as this ADSL2 modem router) these kinds of as disabling the DHCP server, disabling the UPnP, and modifying the IP tackle that is in the same subnet with your current network.

Or you can join the modem immediate to the Swap need to you need to broaden the wired connections to the internet. The great detail with this TDM-C500 ADSL2 modem router is that it contains the DHCP server. With the DHCP server, you really don’t need to offer the static IP tackle manually to all of the shopper pcs in the network. This will decrease the complexity of IP tackle administration.

Alternate Resolution

The TDM-C500 ADSL2 modem router provides you the flexibility in deciding on the wireless obtain stage to create a wireless network in properties or in offices. You can join the outside wireless obtain stage (these kinds of as TL-WA5210G Large Electrical power Wireless Outside CPE) to offer wireless internet obtain for shopper pcs in severe outside natural environment. This is commonly ideal for site projects with lots of computer system clientele divided hundreds of meters from the major site.

For home environments the place internet obtain and other wireless networking jobs are necessary, alternatively of buying separate TDM-C500 ADSL2 modem router as well as wireless obtain stage gadget you can think about buying the all-in-a single gadget which contains all the prerequisites for constructing a wireless LAN. For example, TEW-635BRM TRENDnet 300Mbps wireless N ADSL2/2+ modem router. TEW-635BRM contains make-in ADSL modem as well as wireless router in a solitary gadget. Or you can think about DGND3300 V2 N300 RangeMax twin band ADSL wireless modem. Both equally ADSL modem wireless routers are created with 802.11n technological innovation, but DGND3300 supports the simultaneous twin band technological innovation to operate each in 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands in the same time.

TRENDnet TDM-C500 is an ADSL2 modem router – a modem with make-in substantial velocity router function to share the ADSL broadband internet connection with lots of pcs in properties or offices. You need to join a wireless obtain stage gadget to create a wireless network.

By Ki Grinsing