TAGPREDICT 1.4: social media trends “as you go”

TagPredict released version 1.4, which gives you live social media trends pushed to your browser screen as you surf the net. The new version is yet more powerful and interesting than previous releases:

Download TagPredict From the Google Webstore (free)

  1. Get Hashtags statistics of current site
    When you click the TagPredict button you will now able to get the hashtags trends of the site you currently browse (“This Site”). If you click “Global Trends” the data will change to the global trends (i.e. all websites and not just the site you currently browse)


  1. More accurate graphs
    The TagPredict graphs are now more precise. TagPredict Pro is giving full analytical graphs as you can see below:


  1. “loading” sign when hashtags are loading
    When hashtags are loading, you will now see a “loading” image in the pop up screen – no need to guess what is going on!


  1. Robust pop-up window
    The TagPredict version 1.4 pop up window is giving you live data on the fly: the Hashtag Growth, top websites it is used on, and a small trend graph. It pops up once you mouse hover a hashtag – in the following page we are on twitter.com but you can see that the hashtag is also used on facebook.com and on wired.com, and is doing very well in comparison to other hashtags:


  1. Extended free support

TagPredict has extended the support options with several new information portals:

  • TagPredict Blog, with news, technical support, FAQ and ability to ask questions with “facebook comments”
  • TagPrredict website at http://www.TagPredict.com – you can also get the current live hashtags trends on that site.