Running an Internet Radio Station – Do It Right!

Plan on running an Internet Radio Station?  If so then you’re in the right place for inside information on how to get it up and running correctly.  Running an Internet Radio Station can be hard at first, but the process can be made a lot easier if you know what you are doing.  My goal here is to inform you of a few things you should know to get your internet radio station up and running.

Running an internet radio station is a lot easier then it may seem.  And all you need to know is the proper way to get it set up and running.  Here are a few of the things you will need to know if you plan on running an internet radio station.

1. How to program your station like the professionals.

2. How to market and promote your station and build an audience.

3. How to decide what equipment you need and get it below dealer cost.

4. How to select and put your format together.

5. How to get the right kind of advertisers and make money with your station.

6. How to get guests for your Internet Radio Station.

7. The tips and tricks the professionals use to build and keep an audience.

These are all important things which you will need to know to start running an internet radio station.  As with anything you do you should know the steps and how to set it up properly.

Once you have these things down packed you can go ahead and start running an internet radio station.  It may seem hard at first but once you get used to the process it will seem as easy as flicking a light switch.  And if you want to know more about running an internet radio station CLICK HERE!…

Internet Radio At Work

Listening to music has proven to make productivity increase. It also has the effect to influence our moods and emotions. An example of this is having music in movies. Soundtracks are used to enhance a movie and make the performance and experience of watching it even better. Upbeat songs can put us in a good mood and love songs can put us in a romantic mood for example. Music can make us more productive because we are in a better mood and want to be at work instead of dreading it. Studies have shown that productivity levels increase. Here are some advantages of listening to Internet radio while at work instead of traditional radio.

At work, there always seems to be a space issue. Cubicles are small and desk space is always limited. A traditional radio can take up a lot of space especially if you have your computer or laptop or a printer on your desk. You may also have a lot of pictures on your desk that are more pleasing to look at than a radio. Listening to music on your computer is a much better solution that bringing in a radio. If you already have to be on your computer for work, you may as well save the space and take advantage of radio channels online.

Another advantage of listening to music from the Internet is that you can use headphones and not disturb anyone. You may be at a job or work space that is very quiet. Some offices have rules about music or movies while at work. You can control the volume from your computer or plug headphones into your laptop. You won’t have to worry about bringing an MP3 player that could get lost or stolen. Other people will not be distracted from your radio.

One of the best advantages of Internet Radio while at work is that it is less distracting than a traditional radio show. Most radio channels on the Internet have little to no commercials like traditional radio programs do that are annoying and distracting. You can find the music you want to listen to easily and not worry about finding an AM or FM station you can tune into without static. Internet radio channels can be streamed from anywhere in the world and you can find a station with a click of a button instead of turning a tuning button.

Listening to music while you work will not also make you more productive but it will also make your day go by faster. You can listen to some great tunes while you are hard at work. Finding music that you really enjoy listening to will put you in a better mood and you will not mind being at work. Listening to music on the Internet will keep your mind off the clock and counting down the minutes until the end of the day.…

Comcast Broadband Internet: Increase Productivity

There are many things to look forward to every month – spending time with your spouse and children, going to the movie theater, and eating out with friends at a favorite restaurant. No one likes to pay bills. Most people dread writing endless checks and sorting through all the envelopes they have. After your mortgage or rent, your largest monthly expenses may be for your cable, broadband Internet, and telephone service bills. Ever year, each one seems to get larger. When you can stop paying unwarranted bills to separate companies, it only makes sense to bundle services through Comcast Communication. You’ll get all three services for just one low monthly payment. And what do you receive for so little money? Keep reading – you’re going to love this!

One Low Price and Three Great Services

Why should you use Comcast to bundle your telephone, internet, ad entertainment services into one bill? Comcast combines all three together to give you the lowest price possible, lower than any other company. Because Comcast can offer you broadband, phone, and cable services, you are able to get up-to-the-minute technology and fantastic service at terrific savings. You don’t have to do anything but sit down and relax while enjoying both the best telephone and entertainment services around. It’s no problem if you only wish to purchase one of Comcast’s services. Bundling multiple services together saves both time and money. Let me show you how Comcast beats the other companies in every category.

Are you still in the dark ages of dial-up internet? Is DSL frustrating because of the price and unreliability, and the fact that it is 2-3 times more slow than cable broadband? Only Taladaga speedway goes faster than Comcast’s internet service. Comcast uses the latest technology to bring you the fastest and always dependable high-speed internet service that is available to you now. With Comcast broadband, websites, music, videos and podcasts download at almost instantaneous speeds. No more waiting, no more tying up the phone line, and if you have more than one computer in your house, no longer do you have to take turns using the internet. Now your entire family can use high-speed internet simultaneously. Comcast even gives you a free wireless router so all your internet capable devices can take advantage of Comcast broadband.

Flat-Rate Phone Service: Comcast VoIP

You may not have heard of “VoIP”. It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s all right if you are still somewhat confused. This refers to terrific digital telephone service brought to you for very affordable prices. It operates very similarly to your normal phone service. There’s no requirement to change you phone number or to buy new telephone handsets. After you order your new Comcast service, you can take pleasure in calling your current provider and telling them exactly what you think of them. Enjoy unlimited local and national calls, for a single, inexpensive monthly rate. Your bill is the same each month, regardless of where you call and how …

The Evolution of Website Design

Website design is an intricate part of the Internet as it is what constructs its body. From the early days when people barely understand it to the present when HTML and other languages are being taught to people as young as grade school students. While web technology is still evolving as we speak, the foundations of website design and its undeniable importance will never be extinguished.

Basically, website design is the all-important process of conceptualizing, planning, modeling, and creating what is known as the main delivery vessel of media content via the Internet, which takes form due to the use of markup languages and other technologies. The resulting product is then made suitable for conversion and display by a web browser or any other such software.

The delivery of content with website design involves many different implementations like markup languages (HTML, XHTML, XML), plug-ins (Flash, QuickTime Java), and so on. These are used to encode and lay out different forms of media like text, images, videos, Flash, and others into a comprehensible medium for viewing. The web pages that we browse through everyday are all results of website design.

The recent improvements on website design include those of web browsers’ compliance with W3C standards, which spurred on the use of XHTML and XML in correlation to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which has revolutionized the customization of web layouts. This and many other improvements have made website design accessible to web users. Nowadays, anyone can be a webmaster with the right tools and the proper knowledge.

There are two types of pages produced by website design: static and dynamic pages. The former don’t change form until manually manipulated, which means that they have to be tended to constantly for updates. The latter, however, change form and content according to input and interaction, as well as changes in environment; including that of the user, time, changes in database, and so on. This means that they adapt to input on the client side, bringing in a more user-oriented development of a website. They involve the use of client-side scripting languages like JavaScript, Jscript, Actionscript, and so on. They usually can be seen in forms of server-side scripting languages like PHP, ASP, JSP, Python, and so on. They can be seen all over the Internet with different functionalities according to purpose.

It all started with the advent of the mainstream Internet brought on by the pioneer Tim Berners-Lee, who published what was to be known as a website on August 1991. He was the first person to combine what was then the main function of the Internet, which was communication (email, Usenet, BBS), along with hypertext. The latter had been used for quite some time, but was limited to browsing information within a single computer. This was the start of the Hypertext Transfer Markup Language, or HTML, which would then revolutionize how information was distributed, giving birth to what came to be known as the information superhighway and ushering in what is now known …

Private label website builder: A lucrative business online

World Wide Web is an amazing phenomenon today. Millions, or for that matter billions of people visit the internet and surf limitless pages everyday. Just imagine the scale of business that those engaged in providing space for all these websites are dealing in. There is huge untapped potential in this field and it is really very promising. Private label website builder is one business that you must give a hard look as it sure will bring in attractive returns on your money.

You must do some research before entering this online business. Your success, or the lack of it, will depend upon how well you have planned and how well you execute them. If you want to resell websites, you have to see the product that you are giving to your customers if of any use to them or not. It is imperative to get the private label website from a reputed web service provider.

The service provider you choose must have a proven track record, as poor service will get bad word from your clients and that will not be good for your business. Word of mouth spreads like wild fire, and hence it is crucial to find a renowned private label website builder. Checking beforehand if there are hidden charges is essential if you want value for your money. Find out if there are any charges for support, upgrades, software etc. so that you may not be disappointed later on.

To start any business, you need a lot of money in setting up the infrastructure. But you have an edge in this business as the investment is minimal. So, private label website builder is just perfect for those who are low on resources but are interested in setting up an online business. The returns on investment on reselling websites are truly amazing. You are required to pay on a monthly basis to the web host, and the rest is paid by your website builder.

The business of reselling websites is free from recurring worries like power failure, data maintenance, server security, and other hardware maintenance costs. The web hosting company looks after all these aspects and the most vital part, which is the round the clock technical support to the customers is also taken care of by the web hosting company.  

You have the liberty to make changes to the websites of your customer, which implies that the private label website builder is fully customizable. You may not have technical knowledge, yet you can edit the websites to suit your needs. What’s more, even your customers can make changes like templates, image uploading, changing color scheme etc. anytime they feel like and it is with the help of a few clicks only.  

The most important part of your business is the profits. You will be surprised by the return on investment you get in this online business. You are doing nothing but reselling websites on a turnkey basis to others. Just use some marketing tools to promote your …

Internet Radio – Meaning, Benefits and Reasons for its Popularity

Given the manner in which the internet and the World Wide Web have invaded our lives over the past many years, it is hardly surprising that music or rather the radio would be one of the areas being dominated by the internet. Internet radio has, over the past few years since its inception, become very popular, especially amongst those who are constantly working and need to relax while on the job. Similar to the traditional radio, online radio delivers the same kind of music and other shows, albeit over the web. Additionally, what is interesting is the development of internet talk radio, which allows you to listen to various popular chat shows online.

Since its inception in 1891, the radio has been a popular tool of communication with streamlining online radio being introduced sometime in the year 1993 by Carl Malamud. This new invention has been a boon to many people across the world, especially those who love to listen to music from all over the world. With internet radio, not only can you listen to good music or chat shows but can do so from any part of the world. In other words, if you are in England, you can still listen to popular US radio shows online with the help of internet radio. Moreover, if talk shows interest you then you can also listen to your favorite talk shows online through the internet talk radio. Incidentally, Carl Malamud’s first transmission was a live talk show, which was initially available only to local listeners but with the help of the internet radio was transmitted globally, which incidentally started the entire arena of talk radio stations online.

Given the fact that the software for listening to online radio is easily available, sometimes even free of cost, most teenagers as well as adults download it to listen to their favorite music while at work or at leisure. A study revealed that nearly 15% of teenagers as well as adults were regular listeners of online radio, often proclaiming it to be their favorite past time or stress buster. Additionally given the fact that there are many radio stations available online, chances of getting bored are next to minimum and therefore they have become very popular among the youth of today.

All things have their advantages and disadvantages, so also internet radio. Setting up an online radio station is very easy and low cost, which probably is the biggest advantage. Organizing employees, maintenance of radio station as well as layout and other details are very simple and therefore creating a radio station online is a lucrative deal for those who want their own stations. Complete autonomy of the person setting up such an internet radio station ensures that you have the final say in matters related to the kind of music you play, the chat shows and all the other small aspects that are important while running an online radio station. What you want to discuss and how you discuss various issues is …

Build Websites Easier With Premade Templates

To most people the process of building a web site remains somewhat of a mystery. This confusion probably stems from the fact that there is a cornucopia of web sites on the Internet. Even with wide variety of sites, every single one can be divided into two sections: front-end and back-end.

The front-end is the first thing that it is designed. It encompasses the look and feel of a web site. This is probably the most established part of the web site production process. Design has been around since Guttenberg printed his first bible. Much of what has been used in print media (especially art magazines) has transferred to the web.

Most well thought out web sites start off with sketches on paper. We like using the big huge box of crayons, the one with the crayon sharpener built in. Most of the colors in the “big box” are pleasing to the eye and are web friendly. If you use begin paying attention to sites you’ll notice that only a few colors are actually used, 256 to be exact. Only about 100 of those won’t give you a headache when you look at them. On request we will give these early designs to a client that wants to control the look and feel of their site. The site, of course, never ends up looking like the early designs. The same idea and concept is there but because of restrictions colors and whole images are lost.

This brings us to the next part of the front-end, the actual site creation. This is what many people view as the most important, which is what separates a professional looking site from an amateur one.

The images are created using products from across the board. Mainly, designers stick to industry standards like Photoshop and Illustrator. After getting the basic image in terms of proportions and size the designer should create the static HTML page.

This is the basic page you would see if you viewed the page source. This is one of the most rewarding, most hated and most tedious parts of the web design process. Each browser displays a page differently. Since most users either use Internet Explorer 4+ or Netscape 4.5 we cater to those two. Sometimes we build a different site for each, trying to maintain the same layout.

That concludes the front-end section. Personal sites and some small business sites stop here. While this may be acceptable today, tomorrow any web site hoping to attract and keep visitors is going to have a strong back-end.

There are many sites and website designers that offer premade templates; these have the entire graphical layout that a page needs.

For those with little or no experience with website design software, templates have quickly become a practical solution to professional website design. Most of the top end sites offer a huge selection of very impressive, easy-to-edit website templates. All you have to do is check your email containing the link to download the .zip …

Webstarts!!!web Hosting Solution For Everyone

Creating a Website On WebStarts

*Make A Free Website: Drag and drop photos, videos, text, and more. Create a unique professional online presence. Choose from dozens of pre-designed layouts or make your own.

*Get A Domain Name: Get your very own domain name ( Register a new domain or use your existing one. Your domain name will automatically be online in minutes.

*Drive Traffic To Your Website: Get your website ranked on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Sites built with WebStarts are search engine friendly.

WebStarts Website Builder Features

1)Drag and Drop editing:
Other website builders have strict limitations on the way you can design your page layout because they use old technology. Webstarts’ breakthrough coding techniques allow you to drag and drop objects to the exact location on want them to be displayed on your page. This allows you to create truly unique layouts, limited by only your imagination.

2)Add A Guestbook :
Webstarts allows you to add a Guestbook to your website so that people who visit your website can let you know that they were there. A Guestbook is a great way to stay connected with your site visitors.

3)Choose from hundreds of pre-designed websites:
With WebStarts you can either start building your website from scratch or get a jump start by choosing one of our pre-designed websites. All our pre-designed websites are 100% customizable so you will always be able to produce an original site that reflects who you are and what you’re about.

4)Domain Management:
Claim your stake in the world wide web. Register your very own web address and have it automatically configured to work live on the web with your website in minutes.

5)Custom Email Addresses:
Let your customers know your business is legit with custom email addresses to match your custom domain.

6)Flash Support:
Engage your website visitors with eye catching flash animations. WebStarts let’s you upload and display flash where you would like it to appear on any page.

7)Flash Library:
Now you can make your website stand out from the crowd with our flash library. Choose from tons of pre designed flash banners, anmiations, and graphics.

8)Add Images:
Add your own personal photos, custom designed graphics and Logo’s or just about any other image to your site.

Create dazzling slideshows of your photos and images and place them exactly where you would like them to appear on your website.

10)Image Search:
Looking for clipart and other images to put on your website. WebStarts provides an image search tool to help you find just the right images for you site.

11)Image Library:
Search through hundreds of pre-loaded images that you can add to your website with a simple click of your mouse.

12)Image Cropping:
Upload and image then use the WebStarts cropping tool to select only the part of the image you want to use on your page.

13)Image Rotation:
Rotate your image up to 360 degrees. Express your creativity like never before.

14)Image Opacity:
Make any object on your web …

How to choose the best website builder software

The question here is how to choose the best website builder software. There are literally thousands of related software on the web. Just visit a search engine and enter the term “website builder software”. You will get tons of results. Before you choose which website builder software is best for you read this article. It might help you find what you really need.

When choosing a website builder software you must pay attention to the features of the software. You need to make sure this software can do what you want it to do. Is there any WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors? A general easy to use interface? How about a step by step guide introducing you to the software? Definitely it will take some time to learn to use the website builder but is there a feeling telling you that this is the software you need? Also, before deciding to spend any money on it see if there’s a free trial version that will let you test the product.

Then the support issues. Does the company that offers the website builder software also offers dedicated support? What about free for life updates or installation support? The best would be to find a website builder that can be easily handled by you without the need of a support team. You must be prepared for problems that require some support though. Just in case.

Pay special attention to the user’s guide. You might want to read it before installing the website builder software. Apart from the user’s guide are there any other type of tutorials like video tutorials that will show you how the website builder works? Serious software companies should offer video tutorials. Look for them and watch them to get an idea of how the software works before installing.

One other issue that will arise when choosing for website builder software is whether you are willing to spend some money or not. There are free website builders that produce good results but usually the support is bad and your software could be outdated soon. I think though, that there are free solutions worth checking (see below). Then there are website builder software where you have to pay an one time fee to acquire the software or agree to a membership where you pay an amount of money every month. It’s up to you to decide which way to go. Some will tell you that if you want the best website builder software you must pay for it. My opinion is slightly different.…

Website Design: Improve your Navigation

There are billions of different Web pages floating around the Internet, and unless you have the ability to trawl Google and memorise the URL of every page of every site, there’s no way you’d survive out there without a little help.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wander round the Web feeling our way like a zombie in a maze. Navigation forms the basis of any Web site, and always has done. Despite the fact that it is a necessity of Web design, it has become something of an afterthought for many designers, as they concentrate on trying to get clever with content.

Navigation remains the single most essential aspect of site construction, and the wonders of modern technology mean you can guide your visitors around your site in a range of innovative ways to make their online experiences all the richer and more rewarding.

What’s the point of navigation?

For the benefit of anyone arriving on the planet in the last few minutes, the base principle of site navigation is to help your visitors find their way around your Web site, providing links to all its pages. Common sense reasons that it is imperative that your site is easy to navigate or your guests will soon leave the party for pastures new.

The home page of a web site is where visitors form their impressions about the entire design, and its importance far outweighs that of the other pages that make up the site. The same theory applies to the site’s navigation mechanism, ie if you manage to convince new visitors to make the step from your home page to one of your sub pages, the chances of them wanting to peruse the other delights on your site increase no end.

Proper site navigation should give the visitor a sense of ‘place’ within the site. it should help you maintain consistency throughout the site, even establishing something of a brand. It’s important that anyone delving through your site knows how to get back to where they started, otherwise they’re likely to flee in frustration.

Your navigation system should also encourage the user to explore other areas of the site by suggesting pages of related interest, and challenge their minds by pointing them towards more obscure links elsewhere online that will interest them. Ultimately, your top priority when designing site navigation is to ensure that the user doesn’t have to work hard to find everything you’re offering.

Traditional navigation

Back in the old days, navigating the Web was a completely different experience from the one you’ll see today. We all know that developments in Web design software have made it easy to create prettier pages with flashy graphics and stylish content, but site navigation has also evolved considerably.

In the late Nineties, when the Web was just beginning to take shape, the core device for site navigation was the trusty textual link, and a blue underlined piece of text was your ticket to a world of information. once clicked, the text …