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I am by much not a full time SEO professional but around the past handful of several years I have discovered that final results are centered on alter, and alter will make your website surface contemporary each time it is re-indexed. At this time my business Blue Gentle Labs has determined to consider on JOOMLA as it truly is backend striped down SEO method as much as we have searched for a fantastic open resource CMS method JOOMLA has appeared to be the most sturdy and has a superb group connected to it. Making use of modules mambots and xml config files we have started off to develop a plug-in particularly to SEO a CMS website. Under are a handful of notes we experienced came up with right before setting up the undertaking.
I consider if we split it down into profiles and person website page inserts it shouldn’t be really hard to put jointly – Of program this may transform out to be much more operate and time in the brief run but let the SEO professional to dig operate their magic. SEO Admin Software – The much more we can automate the web website, the sweeter this
thing could be!
one. Because rather a handful of internet sites like Bluelightlabs.com have a PR four-3 index files in specific directories we require to uncover a way to mimic or replace them in Joomla, so control around filename and directory will conserve the outdated internet sites PR backlinks. For example urls like http://www.bluelightlabs.com/minor_content3.html or http://www.bluelightlabs.com/minor_content2.html are awful doorway web pages but PR is centered on index and file placement not just the area by itself – we could manage connection two. Have the internet sites 404 website page repopulate by itself with new backlinks as soon as a new website page or area connection is outlined – I consider this is a great resolve for broken backlinks that we would if not be penalized for.
3. Each and every time any website page is refreshed, it would be nice to run through the pursuing criteria: these criteria could be set up as profiles that are assigned to different dynamic or static reas.
four. Each and every time a static website page or connection website page is extra the sitemap.xml could be current as effectively as its different homes
I believe incorporating four small 2px by 200 pix almost qualifications photographs to the header that are linkable as effectively as alt tag-able would aid a fantastic offer. Enabling concealed scripts in the system tag is also helpful – for example supplying a consumer with fantastic Google Analytics information and facts.
Each individual time a website page or information is extra we could also have a script run the Google custom research and re-index the website as anyone appreciates GOOGLE enjoys GOOGLE
All area backlinks ought to have the full url http://www.bluelightlabs.com/ –
www and trailing slash.
In the header incorporating a w connection directly to http://en.wikipedia.org
following to the first concentrate on phrase in the header – It worked great with
http://www.drapeaugroup.com incorporating the small w connection to
this connection references the most important phrase in the phrase that is focused.
The pursuing meta would be a fantastic template to develop in dynamically:

– phisical placement of organization could be a component when optimizing area
internet sites
– spot name
– most important website page matter
– day modified tag
– make ajustable for index and default to 14 for all other
– language
– take away Microsoft junk

– this is what the DMOZ seems at
Staying able to control the header and footer as effectively as image ALT tags may be a functionality specific to the website page and not the profile assigned to it.Constructing an auto-linking profile that can assign inside backlinks to phrases actually found in the information would be a profit.
Other matters on the desire listing
In the information I have found that randomly scattering and underline tags
close to the big concentrate on phrase for the website appears to be to aid tremendously.

Hope this can help anybody