Stay Connected With a Wireless Router

Get a faster, easier way to build a network and stay connected. Go wireless with a wireless router.

Wireless networks are the latest innovations in the mobile computing industry. It spurs a huge demand for wireless broadband routers to integrate networks and systems. Whether at home or at work, more and more people are finding it easier to work using a wireless network. It is more convenient.

A wireless router is a device that works both as a regular router and a wireless access point. It enables access to the internet or a network of computers minus a cabled connection.

Because wireless routers are flexible devices, they can function in either wired LAN, WLAN or both. A wireless router is equipped with additional features similar to those in discrete wireless access points or WAPs. These wireless devices make use of common wireless frequency bands used license-free in many countries around the world. However, wireless devices communicating with your wireless routers must be set to the same radio channel and service set identifiers.

Putting in place a wireless network is an excellent way to share internet connection, files and even hardware devices such as printers, faxes and copiers.

Wireless network begins with its core – a wireless router. Note that you would also need to re-route your internet connection to the router so that all computers in your network or system connect to the internet directly through your router.

You don’t necessarily need a router to build a network or connect to the internet. But a router simplifies both tasks while maintaining top speeds. This is basically why wireless routers are becoming popular now.

Choose a network router. There are basic, low-range selections with speeds of up to 56 mbps. But if you need a wider range, you’d benefit from ultra-range routers or other dual-band options. If you can afford it, it is advisable to get the latest model already since the advancement of technology is fast paced. It is very easy for technological items to become obsolete.

A common choice by consumers is the 802.11b and 802.11g WiFi models. Some manufacturers offer combo packs containing a wireless router and a network adapter used in wireless LANs, both of the same standard. Aside from compatibility of hardware devices, these combo packs are normally less expensive than the combined individual prices of a network card and a router.

A word of caution: Discounts and combo prices are not usually offered for latest models which are presumably, better performing. It is always better to check product specifications against your requirements before using price as a controlling factor in your decisions.

To install, plug network routers directly to a power source using an ordinary home electrical socket or a protected line with voltage regulators. When turned on, indicator lights (LEDs) would tell you whether the unit is working as it should.

Configure it after installing to secure your network. This makes sure that your connection is restricted only to the computers you share the network with. Even if outsiders detect your connection, they will not be able to tamper on your files and other important documents in your computer. Outsiders will also be prevented from using freely the internet connection you pay for.

The world is inevitably going wireless and getting smaller. Don’t be left behind. Build your own wireless network and enjoy the freedom and speed of wireless connectivity.