Shell Megapack : Shell Browser Elements & Controls for Mfc, Vb, .web, C#, Vb.web, C++, Delphi ,vba

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Shell MegaPack is a set of UI controls which provides drop-in Windows Explorer-like shell searching features to your applications.

Elements of Shell MegaPack

Shell MegaPack is made up of the pursuing parts and controls :

FolderView Command

The FolderView handle is a shell treeview handle which reveals a hierarchical display of folders on the computer comparable to Windows Explorer. It is meant to substitute the the awkward APIs and controls uncovered in a lot of programming languages. It is an superb substitution for the SHBrowseForFolder API if you are making use of pure Windows API programming. Visual Standard developers can use it as an alternative of the DirListBox handle. For .Web programmers making use of C#, VB.Web or Managed C++ to developer Windows Varieties applications, it is an superb substitution for the FolderBrowserDialog, which is almost nothing but a managed wrapper all-around the SHBrowseForFolder API purpose. Lots of developers whip up a quick fix directorypicker or a browsefolderdialog or a FolderTree handle which does not even display the appropriate icons for the folders. Seeking to add everything far more intricate than a easy hierarchical display of folders effects in a speedy rise in the time demanded for improvement. Adding state-of-the-art features these as renaming, context menus, dragdrop, infotips become infeasible both equally in conditions of charge and time. FolderView handle is a fantastic choice for developers in these a predicament.

FileView Command

FileView handle mimics the left hand side listview of Windows Explorer. It reveals the files and folders on the system in Thumbnail See, Details See or GroupView as very well as the ordinary list and substantial icon sights. It features state-of-the-art features like product filtering, context menus, dragdrop, infotips, tailor made columns and tailor made items. It can be employed as a substitution for the FileListBox or the Microsoft Typical Dialog controls in VB. For Visual C++ MFC programmers, it can be employed in put of the CFileDialog and C#, Visual Standard.Web and MC++ WinForms developers can use it as a substitute for the FileDialog .Web component.

ShComboBox Command

The ShComboBox Command permits you to add a Windows-Explorer-like push-choice combobox to your software, showing all the drives, folders and even files particularly as Windows Explorer does. VB programmers can use it as an alternative of the DriveListBox handle. There is definitely no substitute for ShComboBox in both MFC or .Web.


ShellObjects is a collection of parts and controls which deliver several shell features to your applications:

ShellPopupNotification handle

This handle permits you to display MSN and office environment 2003 style popup notifications from your software. Multiple popups can be exhibited at as soon as and the popups can be manually or automatically positioned in accordance to your environment. Just about every shellpopup notification window appears like a balloon which can be employed to notify the user of several situations that arise in your software. The overall look, format and contents of the popup can be completely managed.

ShellNotifyIcon handle

This handle permits you to add icons in the shell’s system tray notification area. It is an state-of-the-art substitution for the NotifyIcon component that comes with .Web or the CTrayIcon that is present in MFC. It has features like a number of images which can be employed for animation or for indicating diverse states of your software, computerized popup context menus and balloon infotip variations.

ShellLink and URLLink

These parts enable you to easily create, read and manipulate shortcut (shelllink – *.lnk) files or internet shortcut (*.url) from your applications.

Flavors of Shell MegaPack

Shell MegaPack ActiveX

The ActiveX controls are suitable with a wide variety of programming languages and creating environments. They can be employed in Visual Standard, Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Office VBA applications, HTML or ASP internet pages, dBase, Magic eDeveloper and Visual Interdev.

Shell MegaPack.Web

The .Web controls are suitable with Visual Studio.Web 2002, Visual Studio.Web 2003, Visual Studio.Web 2005 Beta 2, SharpDevelop and Borland Delphi.Web. They can be used in all .Web languages including C#, VB.Web, Managed C++ and J#.