Providing Lanyards To Potential Customers

If a business decides to set up a booth at a trade show or exhibition in an attempt to gain attention from potential customers, they will want to have promotional items on hand to hand out to those who stop by. These are great tools to entice potential customers into purchasing something in the future. Lanyards are great promotional items as they are useful as well as pleasing to the eye. Here are some tips one can use when purchasing these handy items to give out at their booth.

Make Sure Company Name Is Visible

It is a good idea to purchase lanyards that are wide enough to add a personalized message upon them. This way, potential customers will be able to look at their newly obtained item and know which booth they had received it from. The company name and phone number or website should be prominently displayed on the lanyard so the customer will have this information at their fingertips if they decide to look into making a purchase in the future.

Consider Wearing Lanyards In The Booth

Ask each employee tending to the booth to wear a lanyard. This will get visitors interested in obtaining one for themselves. They will be able to read the information provided and see a sample of the types available to select from as well.

Purchase Lanyards In Bulk

It may be cheaper to purchase a large amount of lanyards at one time. This will reduce the cost per unit, and any that are left over can be used for subsequent shows. When the company has a large number of these promotional items on hand, potential customers will have the benefit of selecting the color or type of lanyard that they like best from a pile that are on display.

Add Information On A Card

An identification card can be hooked to the end of each lanyard to give additional information about the business if desired. This is a great way to incorporate details about products for sale so the potential customer can read through the information at their leisure. The lanyard can then be used to hold keys or other important materials.