Popular Plastic Options for Big Businesses


Although plastic materials are commonly used to make a variety of products for consumers, this resource wasn’t popular throughout the early 1900s. Plastic gained traction in markets in the 1920’s, and many engineers continue to make new plastic options for modern businesses. Among of all of the plastic materials, acrylic, PVC, and polyethylene are very popular. However, most engineers use polyethylene on a regular basis because this particular plastic provides benefits in various ways.

Polyethylene Teraphthalate

Polyethylene teraphthalate is a common plastic that’s used to make many general products. Modern engineers use polythelene teraphthalate because the material is flexbile and ridge. Another benefit is that PET has strong molecular properties, so any product that’s constructed out of the material can handle harmful chemicals and harsh weather conditions.

Industrial businesses use supplies that are made of polyethlene terepthalate in areas where a barrier is needed. Because PET is strong, it can effectively shield large volumes of water and thick gas substances. Traditional companies use polyethylene terephthalate as well during manufacturing situations that involve packaging materials and bottles for drinks.

High Density Polyethylene

High density polyethylene is a very tough material that can withstand intense temperatures and a variety of chemicals. Most businesses use this plastic option on a regular basis because it can be recycled with ease.

Since high density polyethylene doesn’t weaken when environmental temperatures increase, many companies use the plastic for packaging. Soaps are commonly packaged in high density polyethylene bottles, as the solid material strategically preserves strong soap chemicals. Besides soaps, this polyethylene solution is also used to make freezer bags, grocery bags, and other dense plastic products.

In order to make these plastic products, industrial workers may have to implement plastic extrusion procedures. By using an extrusion line, industrial crews are able to melt down raw polyethylene.