Motorized Shades – Somfy Vs Lutron – Qed And Sonnesse

Somfy Vs Lutron – QED and Sonnesse

Somfy and Lutron the two offer tubular motors for raising and reducing inside motorized shades for home windows. Lutron sells the motor and shade with each other though Somfy sells just the motor which can be blended with any window shade. Both equally firms also offer controls (wall switches, controllers and interfaces) that are employed to function their respective motors.

In the late 90’s, Lutron released the QED (Peaceful Digital Push) which it paired with its very own brand name of shades (roller shades largely). The product manufactured huge waves for getting practically noiseless. This was a common example of redefining the parameters of competitors in an business. Beforethe advent of Lutron’s silent motors, individuals did not even know that motor noise degree was or would turn into a component in their motorized shade or motorized blinds order conclusions. Only in the very last pair of a long time has Somfy (nearly) caught up to the QED’s noiselessness. Right now, there is still a distinction, but it is instead slight and most individuals do not think about it a determining component.

Somfy manufactures two various forms of ‘quiet’ motors an AC powered variation (ST50) and a additional not too long ago released DC powered variation (ST30). Lutron’s QED Motors are all lower voltage, DC Motors. The distinction amongst AC and DC electric power is that the previous is superior voltage though the latter is lower voltage. AC Energy is the identical as the electric power been given from plugging a cord into a standard wall outlet. Minimal voltage is powered by that identical outlet but the cord has a transformer (imagine of a mobile cell phone cord or a computer electric power cord with their packing containers on the plug on in the center of a cord – that is a transformer) and lessening or ‘knocking down’ the superior voltage electric power been given from the outlet to lower voltage electric power. A key cause that DC electric power is important is that less creating code troubles come up and no electrician is needed for wiring lower voltage powered methods. Absent an electrician, wiring fees and job complexity are the two substantially lessened.

The QED is readily available in 3 various dimensions named the QED64, QED100 and QED225. The quantity presents a rough gauge of the square footage of material that the motor is created to raise. For example, the QED64 can raise a shade up to eight toes x eight toes, the QED100 can raise a shade up to ten toes x ten toes and the QED225 can raise a shade up to 15′ x 15′ – this measurement motor is only extremely hardly ever needed for residential apps. These are approximations only, in the industry, these motors are known to essentially raise additional than these numeric values suggest. The measurement of the motor influences its diameter which decides the diameter of the tube that the motor uses. Lutron’s QED64 uses a 1 five/eight” tube, the one hundred uses a two ½” tube and the larger 225 uses a three 1/two” tube. Tube diameter is important largely for deciding how broad motorized window shades can be with out bending (deflection). A bent tube suggests that material will not roll up thoroughly. The material will sag creating creases- this is not acceptable. For that reason motor measurement is as a lot about shade width as it is about lifting ability.

Somfy’s silent motors, known as the Sonnesse line, also use various tube dimensions. The ST30 uses a 1 1/two” tube, the ST50 can use both a two” or two 1/two” tube*. The lifting ability of the ST50 falls someplace amongst the one hundred and 225. For extremely substantial apps, Somfy has larger motors, but to day, they are not in the Sonnesse (silent) product line. It is extremely scarce that a motor larger than an ST50 is needed for inside apps. This is accurate even if a number of shades are driven by a single motor.

Both equally the QED and Sonnesse motors have proven to be responsible options for motorized window shades and the two arrive with five year warranties.