Making It Easier To Stay Connected: Truphone And Vyke

Two of the more popular discount VoIP services are TruPhone and VYKE. Both of these services allow you to make phone calls from the computer to anywhere in the world. You can make phone calls using your computer to cell phones, land lines and even to other computers when you take advantage of these services. TruPhone is considered to be one of the easiest ways to learn this type of technology as it is very user friendly and is the choice for many who are confused by voice over internet protocol.

Talking is Easy with TruPhone and VYKE

TruPhone is one of the newer companies that are offering telephone service through the internet. When it comes to using this type of technology, TruPhone makes it easy to understand as even the software is very user friendly. Many people do not understand the concept of using the computer to make phone calls and reject the change from the land lines. However, the VoIP services work comparably well to the land lines. Although this technology is far from perfect, it is very economical, especially if you are making calls to other countries. For this reason, many people who choose VoIP services are business people who need to call other parts of the world.

Talking is Cheap with TruPhone and VYKE

But not all people who order these services are business people. There are many people who want to have the convenience of being able to not only make calls from the computer, but also having one low monthly bill for their service. This is the reason why many people are searching out TruPhone and VYKE. They offer lower monthly payments for phone service – something that most people are eager to use.

VYKE is actually less expensive than TruPhone, but because it is not as well known, it is not as popular with those who want to take advantage of this technology but are not sure how it works. The user friendly atmosphere of TruPhone has caused it to be very popular with individual customers. VYKE is not as well known, although it basically offers the same services as TruPhone for less money.

Paving the Way to Smooth Connections

When it comes to customer service, TruPhone is a company that realizes that many of their customers are those who are not sure about the use of VoIP technology and are used to land lines. The customer service center at TruPhone is very user friendly and is there to answer questions of any of the users in great detail. The customer service center of VYKE is very friendly and obliging and there is actually a shorter wait time when it comes to getting your questions answered when you call VYKE than when you call TruPhone.

Anyone who wants the convenience of being able to make calls by using the technology of broadband with their computer, rather than a land line, can save money by using either TruPhone or VYKE. While this technology is not without flaws and there are cases where there are interruptions of calls, both TruPhone and VYKE are well developed, offer satisfactory customer service and are very user friendly. They are both offered to the individual for a comparable price with VYKE being slightly less expensive than TruPhone.