Internet As Opportunity For Cartoonist: The Case Of Ironclawed

If you have a good imagination and you’re also good in drawing, you could be an excellent cartoonist. Unfortunately, entering this world is not that easy, since there are thousands of artists who try hard every day. Just like for aspiring writers the competition is huge, no matter how good you are.
The good news is that the Internet has recently became a huge platform for comics, and millions of people are always looking for on line comic books to read. This is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to make their work known and get a huge fan base. When you have a big amount of supporters, everything gets easier and publishers will be ready to invest in you.
You could start by publishing a chapter on comic-book platforms and social-media, so that people can get curious, especially if your story is intriguing and with a good design. The next step is opening your own website, with all the information about you and your work. After that, you could start publishing a chapter weekly or monthly, it’s up to you.
An excellent example of success is IronClawed, a comic strip by Ivan Jurkovic, a young 20-year-old Croatian artist. All he had was his talent and the desire to reach the audience with the exciting and original story he created.
IronClawed is a fantasy comic, and still very topical. The story is set in an alternate world inhabited by green and orange-skinned creatures fighting World War II. It takes place in 2014 but, contrary to what happened on Earth, the war never ended and the Allies and Fourth Reich are still fighting. The leading characters are Ivan Blagovic and his friends, Nicola Stojanic and Spiro Novak, all fighting with the Croatian forces. When they get all transfered to the tank unit duty for their first real mission, their adventures begin and you won’t be able to stop reading before you run out of chapters.
Now, this young author has got almost 15.000 readers, all waiting impatiently for him to publish the continuation. He’s an example of how the Internet is actually very useful, if you work hard, and everyone has the chance to prove himself thanks to the opportunity of the web.