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Architectural Elements of Any House

If architects designed structures using the old plans, then no one in our modern time would want to hire them; that’s why their designs have adapted and are ever changing. Once, they designed structures with a lot of pillars, labyrinths, domes, massive carved pillars and such; due to modernization, these designs are not as in demand as they were. Gone were the days when overly thick walls were deemed a necessity in order to support any other structure beyond the ground floor; also the verandah with filigree work was considered crucial.

All of these design replacements were planned and made by modern house plans. Simplicity and functionality is the code of architecture. if you would compare our structure designs with structure designs of the past, you would notice that we care mostly about practicality.

The Elements of Modern Housing
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There are a number of factors responsible for the significant changes of the architecture system. First is the impact that modern society has in the ever-changing world. Back in the second half of the 19th century a rebellion occurred which changed every traditional aspect of the lives of the people who lived at the time; there was a change in everything from poetry to building and architectural plans.
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The writer who perfectly captured this shift is called Ayn Rand and he published the famous book called “The Fountainhead”. The books meticulously explains the features of modern architecture and it gave great emphasis on the plans of the building above all else.

During these modern times, steel beams were favored over arches. We use glass now in just about any structure since it’s practically, tougher, hard to break and can be mass produced.

Just like when the revolution created fashionable black suits, architecture has become fast paced, high stress and practical due to the modern life style that people are living.

The Influence in Design

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but almost all modern structures today have a number of features in common.

a)Plain geometric designs are mostly used in the structure’s plans.

b)Absolutely all the materials used in the structures are man-made, the materials are not found in nature. Like steel which is made from carbon, tin and other chemicals. Other materials are plastic, glass and just about any processed materials.

c) Proper use of space is an important feature of just about any modern structure.

Modern house designs have created materials that specialise in support; this frees spaces that would have otherwise gone to creating additional support for the whole structure. For the longest of times, modern architecture was considered by many as simply the art of building plain boxes. Currently, modern architecture also takes time to design the overall appearance of the building as they strive to make more pleasing to the eyes.