How to Subscribe for Internet from your Cellular in KSA

blogspot-mobile-net.jpgAt present there are three cell operators in Saudi Arabia.STC (Saudi Telecom Enterprise), that was integrated in 1998, which is federal government owned and biggest Telecom company, Mobily (Etihad Etisalat) that was proven in 2004 by a consortium led by Etisalat, the UAE based telecom conglomerate and Zain that is the latest player in the cell telecommunication marketplace of Saudi Arabia. Constructing on the knowledge of the Zain Group of UAE. All these three delivering Voice providers, SMS and MMS providers, Newest info providers like 3G and three.5G providers in their personal design. I individually price STC very best, for the reason that they have the most extensive community with fewer Network challenges. Rest two Mobily and Zain are quite fantastic with their effectiveness. I am making use of Cellular internet from more than three years and I tested all of these Network operators. Listed here I am likely to deliver more information on Facts packages.

STC (Aljawal and Sawa) Facts Packages

STC provides its info providers with the title of JAWALNet. It provides buyers with significant-pace wireless Internet relationship making use of ALJAWAL SIM playing cards, which allows internet searching through ALJAWAL equipment or any other equipment compatible with three.5G/3G/ EDGE/GPRS technologies. It retains you connected to the Internet making use of significant pace anywhere you are. These is applicable for Packages for ALJAWAL forty five/35/twenty five, Zero, Zero+ To activate any internet bundle send out an SMS to the selection 902 made up of the service activating code according to the table down below:

Monthly Fee
Included No cost MB
Additional Fee for each MB **
Activation Code *** Straightforward Net
No cost

two SR
2000 Internet thirty MB
ten SR
thirty MB
two SR
2030 Internet 120 MB
thirty SR
120 MB
two SR
2120 Internet 250 MB
fifty SR
250 MB
two SR
2250 Internet 500 MB
70 SR
500 MB
two SR
2500 Internet 1 GB
one hundred SR
1 GB
two SR
21000 Internet 5 GB
two hundred SR
5 GB
two SR
25000 Internet Unrestricted
350 SR

** Use charges foundation on 1 KB

How to get Internet configurations on your handset

  • Send out a limited information SMS made up of the word jawalnet to 2222
  • (You will receive two messages, 1st information made up of the PIN selection 1234, and next information made up of JAWALNet service configurations, be sure to enter the PIN selection and then help you save the configurations)

How to Subscribe

To activate internet bundle send out service activation code (see table) to 902 by SMS

How to examine how a great deal info you made use of / How to unsubscribe

  • For inquiries about your Internet use equilibrium, send out an SMS to 902 made up of the code 2220.
  • For inquiries about Internet packages, send out a SMS to 902 made up of the code 9944.
  • To cancel your membership to Internet bundle, send out a SMS to 902 made up of the code 2001.
  • You can simply call STC (Sawa and Aljawal) Shoppers service at 902

Factors to know when you subscribe/unsubscribe/cancel

  1. Internet packages Subscription Expenses and quantity of bundled No cost MB will be calculated based on the bill issuing day. The month-to-month membership price is divided into thirty days.
  2. Additional use charges are counted according to the quantity of the excess info for just about every category.
  3. In situation of shopper subscribe to internet bundle several days right before issuing the bill: the shopper will fork out partial membership charges (selection of days ÷ thirty x Deal charges) whilst he can eat all the bundled absolutely free MB of the bundle.
  4. In situation of canceling the Internet Deal, the month-to-month membership price and quantity of bundled No cost MB will be counted on the days of the membership foundation. – Subscription Fee = #day / thirty * Deal Expenses – Included No cost MB = # day /thirty * Deal Included No cost MB

STC Website
Mobily Facts Packages

Mobily provides significant pace internet with Mobily three.5G coverage with speeds of up to 7.two Mbps. If you transfer out of three.5G coverage, your Cellular quickly switches to our Mobily two.5G community. This service is activated for all mobily buyers, you just will need to subscribe suitable bundle for you.

Deal Monthly Fee Included No cost MB Additional Fee for each MB Internet Simple
No cost

SR two.048 Internet thirty MB
ten SR
SR two.048 Internet one hundred MB
twenty five SR
one hundred
SR two.048 Internet 1 GB
one hundred SR
SR two.048 Internet 5 GB
two hundred SR
SR two.048 Unrestricted Internet
350 SR
Unrestricted How to get Internet configurations on your handset
Only send out “two” to “1100” from your cell handset and configurations will be sent to you within limited period of time of time.
How to Subscribe
The only way to subsrbie for a mobily Internet bundle is, to simply call mobily shopper service at 1100 from your handset. This is a very little hassle that makes a ton of hassle for mobily buyers. Mobily website did not deliver any clue how to subscribe to these packages, I have tested my self and compiled the system down below.

  1. Press *1100#  from your handset will clearly show the menu
  2. Press respond to and type 1 and send out
  3. A further menu seems
  4. Press respond to and type three and send out
  5. A further menu seems which clearly show the accessible packages.
  6. Press respond to and type from 1 to three dependent on your bundle prerequisite. While 1 = 1GB and 2 = 5GB and 3=unlimited

How to examine how a great deal info you made use of / How to unsubscribe

  • Postpaid: through sending an SMS to 1411
  • Pay as you go: making use of the USSD command *1422#
  • The two, can access mobily menu (*1100#), decide on account Data & absolutely free remaining balances.

Mobily website Zain Facts Packages Zain Cellular Broadband Packages are accessible for Cellular and Computer for Pre-Paid out and Post-Paid out customers. Zain has a selection of means for customers ease and comfort. Like Pay as you go, Pay for each day, Standard Deal, 5GB Deal and Unrestricted Deal. Listed here are the information. For suitable bundle collection Zain also give a calculator which is quite fascinating, You have to type your use information and Zain will counsel you suitable bundle as for each your information. It can be identified listed here. Deal Fee Included No cost MB Additional Fee for each MB Pay as you

SR two Pay for each day
four SR
SR two Standard (thirty days)
one hundred SR
1 GB
SR two Additionally (thirty days)
two hundred SR
5 GB
SR two Unrestricted (thirty days)
350 SR
Unrestricted *
SR two

* Good use coverage applies

How to Subscribe

To activate Pay For every Day Deal SMS the letter D to 700212. To activate Standard Deal SMS the letter 1 to 700212. To activate Plus Deal SMS the letter 5 to 700212. To activate Unlimited Deal SMS the letter U to 700212.

How to unsubscribe

To unsubscribe, you will not will need to do just about anything, these packages will finish immediately after validity time and will not be renewed alone. Other than this there are Broadband modems also there to connect to the Internet. That I will go over sometime later on. I hope you will like this publish.