How to set up a Planex Wireless Router

Sometimes setting up a wireless router can be complicated for non tech users. There are a several options before you start a process, and it’s easy to make a small mistake. Fortunately, once you choose a router, both Windows and Planex provide step-by-step process for setting up your Wi-Fi router. The good thing is setting up a wireless network in your home is relatively easy, requires minimal technical knowledge, and allows internet access from virtually anywhere in your home.

micro wireless router set up

Instructions: Set Up a Planex Wireless Router

Decide on the Planex router. There are a several wireless router offerings, and variety prices as well as features vary depending on the model. Choose the one that meets your needs and your price range.

Place the router by clearing a space. The router should be located in the most common area to reduce the distance and assure better connections. For example, it shouldn’t be placed in the basement.–Multi-Function-Wireless-Converter-MZK-MF150/dp/B002GK2EWE/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1328212401&sr=8-7

 Connecting the router

Prepare the followings before the connection:
1. PC for setup

2. LAN cable

Turn off the network termination unit/Cable Modem.
If the device does not have the power switch, unplug the AC adapter from the outlet.

3.Make sure that the changeover switch is shifted to “Router” (Router mode).¬†

(It becomes Router mode)

4. Connect this product’s Internet port and the modem’s LAN port (or Network Termination Unit).

5. Connect the LAN port of this product and PC’s LAN port.
Turn on the power on the modem (or Network termination unit).

6. Connect the AC adapter to the product’s power connector.
7. Connect the AC adapter to the outlet.

8. Turn on the power of the PC.