How to Make a Wi-Fi Booster from a Spare Router?

If your property or business has these patchy ‘black spots’ where by the wifi signal doesn’t arrive at, then you will have to be contemplating about working with Wi-Fi boosters? But why require a new booster? If you have an aged router as a spare a single, then you can transform it into a Wi-Fi booster. This write-up clarifies the technique of using a router as an amplifier to enhance the wifi signal power of your present router.

These boosters, also known as amplifiers or repeaters assist in expanding the array of wireless connection so that it reaches to even these areas which usually have very poor reception. But as an alternative of shopping for a new Wi-Fi amplifier, you can convert a spare router into a signal booster. To get a lot more knowledge on this intriguing strategy, read this write-up.

Nevertheless, not all routers can be utilized as Wi-Fi amplifiers. That is since a number of ISPs intentionally lock down their tools so that they develop into unusable as a signal amplifier. Thus, only particular routers with a specific variety of setups can be reused as signal boosters. Commonly, routers procured independently can be reworked into a Wi-Fi repeater. If the IPS has not blocked your spare router, then you can use it for wireless connection signal boosting reason. Not automatically, you have to use routers from the similar design. So, if you have a spare router, not blocked by its IPS, then just accomplish the following measures to make it beneficial as a Wi-Fi booster.

Action 1- Get the Particulars of Major Router

Very first detail initially, you require to accumulate some details about your present router. To get these details accomplish the following measures:

•    Go to any Windows Computer connected to your community

•    Open the Management Panel

•    Go to the Community and Sharing Centre

•    Select ‘Change adapter settings.’

•    Then proper-click on the correct connection that connects the Computer to your router

•    Select ‘Status’ and then ‘Details.’

•    A new window will open that highlights your gateway and the PC’s IP tackle.

•    The gateway is the tackle of your present (major) router. Commonly, it is in the structure or related. Observe it down.

•    Next open a internet browser

•    In the browser tackle bar, variety the gateway IP tackle

•    Hit Enter

•    That will open a setup screen for your major router.

•    Now you require to enter your router’s username and password. If you do not know the details, then you can look at on the Internet by entering your router design variety. You can get the default username and password for the router.

•    After supplying the password, you will have obtain to the router’s configuration screen.

So now you have obtain to your major router’s configuration screen. You do not have to have switching any settings. Simply just take note down details this kind of as the channel, the router title, safety variety, and so forth.

Step2: Established the Next (spare) Router

Now, you have all the requisite details with regards to your present (major) router. So, shift to the spare router, which you will use as the Wi-Fi repeater. Very first you require to reset this router to its manufacturing unit settings. For that, look at the back of the router for a small gap. That gap has the reset button inside it. The reset button is retained concealed so that you do not push it accidently. Now, electric power on the router and set a paper clip or any related detail inside that gap and push the Reset button. You will see that all the lights on the router will go out and arrive back. That indicates the completion of resetting course of action. Now, accomplish the following measures:

  • Employing a community cable connect the spare router to a Computer, which is not in your Wi-Fi community.
  • But if you have only a single computer or laptop, then you can use it but only just after disconnecting it from your present Wi-Fi community. Much better, you transform off your major router though you set the spare router.
  • Now, you require to get obtain to the configuration web page of this spare router. For that, accomplish the related measures that you did with your major router. The moment you are in the configuration web page, shift on to the following phase.

Action three- Alter the Configuration of the Spare Router

  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings web page
  • Empower wireless connectivity
  • Delete the wireless community title and fill the similar community title that your major router has.
  • Select a channel which is substantially away from the channel that your major router is working with
  • Delete the safety variety and fill the similar safety variety that your major router has
  • Style in the similar router password that you use for your major router

Step4- Give a fastened IP to your Spare Router

Now to make your spare router practical along with your major router, you require to give a fastened IP tackle to the spare router so that the major router quickly acknowledges it. To assign a fastened IP tackle, head on to the LAN setup web page. Now, give the secondary router an IP tackle. Recall that this IP tackle must be in a similar array along with the major router’s IP addresses, but it must be outside the house the default array assigned by DHCP (Dynamic Host Communications Protocol).

Let us presume that the major router has an tackle of and the DHCP assigned array is amongst and 192.168.1.forty nine. So, you can give the spare router an IP tackle of Observe down your new assigned IP tackle. On each individual configuration web page, click on the ‘save settings’ button and let your router reboot. Now, test accessing it by typing the freshly assigned IP tackle.

Action five- Link the two routers

So, now you have two routers with similar community title, similar password, similar safety variety and diverse channels. Then you have also assigned a new fastened IP tackle to your spare router. Now, it can be time to connect the two routers working with a very long community cable. But if you want to put the new router turned wi-fi amplifier in a diverse home then you can use the powerline networking adapters. These adapters use the property electrical wiring to transfer the wireless connection from a single home to another.

Action 6-Take a look at your community

Now, you have both of those the routers connected to each individual other and the spare router rightly positioned in the ‘black spot’ region. Transform on both of those the routers and check you community to look at whether or not the spare router is operating as a Wi-Fi booster. To check the performance of the new wireless signal amplifier, accomplish the following measures:

•    Get a wireless machine this kind of as a smartphone, pill or laptop

•    Examine its signal power when shut to the spare router, which you have positioned close to to your Wi-Fi black place region.

•    If you are acquiring fantastic signal power in the before ‘black spot’ region that means your new router tuned Wi-Fi amplifier is operating thoroughly.


For boosting wifi signal, you can purchase a Wi-Fi-booster but if you individual a spare router then you can transform it into a Wi-Fi amplifier. It is neither a very challenging activity to accomplish nor do you require any additional components. All you have to have is performing some adjustments in the configuration of the spare router.