How to Configure Netgear Router for DSL Connection: A Self-Help Guide

Got a Netgear wireless router? Want to set it up for DSL connection to access internet wirelessly? A wireless router is a pleasure to connect and access devices wirelessly for playing games, videos, listening to music, transferring data/files, or simply browsing the internet.

However, it can be utterly difficult and time consuming to setup the router device on your own without precise instructions. Don’t worry. Here is your comprehensive support guide that will help you setup your Netgear device for DSL internet connection.


  1. First switch off all the devices such as computer, modem, and router and remove all the cables.
  2. Now connect the DSL modem to your Netgear router with one of the cables that came with your modem (it should be a thick cable).
  3. Plug the cable’s one end into the modem and second into the ‘WAN’, ‘Internet’, or ‘uplink’ port located at the back of the router.
  4. Now connect the router and the computer with another thick cable that came with the router by plugging its one end into the computer’s Ethernet port and second into any one of the four port ports located at the back of the router.
  5. Now connect the modem to the phone jack and the power jack. Similarly connect router and computer to their respective electricity outlets. Power on all the devices and check if the modem and router must have power light on. Check computer also.
  6. When powered on, the router will detect the modem itself.
  7. Now open up the browser window (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox etc.) and in the address bar, type in the IP address that came in the documentation of your wireless router and hit enter on the keyboard. Generally, the IP address is or
  8. When the window pops up asking your login information, type in the default username and password that must have come with the router documentation.  Generally, most of the routers come with ‘admin’ (as the default username) and ‘password’ as the default password. But you do check your papers before keying in anything.
  9. After you have entered the information, the ‘Setup Wizard‘ window will open up. If it doesn’t open then click on ‘Setup Wizard‘ at the top left hand corner of the window, click on ‘Yes‘ for it to detect the internet connection type, and then click on ‘Next‘.

10.  A window will pop up saying ‘PPPoE Detected‘, this is the type of detected internet connection, click on the ‘Next‘ tab.

11.  The next window will ask your username/password, key in the information given by your ISP, and click on ‘Apply‘.

12.  The router will then save all the settings, follow rest of the instructions and connect to the internet.

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