Ecommerce Programming for Terrific Plains Dynamics Gp – Introduction

If your corporation deploys Microsoft Dynamics GP Terrific Plains ERP and you are contemplating on connecting it to your eCommerce internet site, we would like to give you first introduction – the place to start digging GP, applications, integration selections, constraints, pluses and minuses and other people standard FAQ. Existing version of Terrific Plains is 10., we assume that it is reasonable to be at checklist on version 9., prior to start ecommerce connection job – usually you will be reprogramming your integration with version improve. If you are on older versions, particularly on Pervasive SQL 2000/Btrieve or Ctree/Faircom (this might be the scenario if you are on GP seven.five, seven., six. or previously), we advise you 1st improve to MS SQL Server primarily based version (you really should speak to you MBS VAR and they will give you with the migration instrument and it is proposed that qualified Terrific Plains advisor does the conversion)
one. Revenue Get Processing module or SOP. This module is ordinarily built-in with your e-commerce application. In eCommerce you create both SOP Get or SOP Bill. The simplest circumstance is to create buy or invoice devoid of inventory goods allocation, this is particularly proposed if you are seeking to plan integration in SQL stored strategies
2. Terrific Plains tables composition. This is just one of the 1st concerns, which we hear from developers. You really should login GP, dependent on version, we will give you the route for version 10.: Microsoft Dynamics GP->Tools->Resource Description->Tables. Tables are grouped by GP sequence: Financial, Revenue, Paying for, Stock, and so forth.
three. Microsoft Dexterity technology. You really should be informed that if you populate GP table records, you really should address GP enterprise logic accordingly. The most essential is treating GP Dexterity enterprise logic, which is validated when Terrific Plains client application attempts to study records, populated by you – if enterprise logic is violated and could not be validated, Dexterity interface will error out and you will make GP ERP inoperable
four. eConnect. Of course, this is what you really should think about to use every time probable in e-commerce. eConnect core is established of SQL stored strategies, which enable you to create, modify, delete GP master records (purchaser, seller, inventory product) and get the job done transactions (such as SOP invoice, or SOP buy), furthermore eConnect allocates invoice or buy traces, so the limitation of matter just one is not a problem listed here. What eConnect can not do is write-up specific transaction or SOP batch – this routine is remaining to GP operator by GP architecture
five. Publishing Server. Alba Spectrum Publishing Server will allow you mix eConnect with autoposting specifically from eCommerce application. Publishing server is GP Dexterity application and really should be put in on independent GP workstation (or your GP server, the place you hold GP workstation with Publishing server managing). When deploying publishing server – you will want to spot permitted batches to tailor made tables and publishing server will get treatment of publishing course of action