How to Determine What Packaging Elements Should Be Tested

A medical packaging consultant is hired by a company to help sort through myth and fact to find the real problems lurking in packaging quality. They will happily assist you in sorting through the available data and information to construct a plan to make needed improvements right away.

What are the packaging problems reported?

Gather all known information you have about the current problems with medical product packaging. If you feel you do not have enough information to start, make contact with the proper individuals and explore their reasoning. Every bit of information you can pass along to a consultant will be helpful and offer a starting point. Get as much detail as possible with everyone you talk with in regards to the problems.

Depend on Valued Experienced Consultant Advice

Medical package consultants with years of experience have seen and heard all of the potential problems before. There is nothing new under the sun in their specialty. You can feel confident that they will know the right course of action to take no matter what the problems are.

Determining Sub-Standard Materials

If there have been complaints or recalls regarding substandard materials, testing can be done to determine whether it is actually the materials, handling, or a combination of the two. The materials can be tested under a variety of conditions that simulate real-world packaging processes, transport, and storage.

Taking a Look at Packaging Design Defects

Consultants that are capable of producing package design know how to look for potential problems that result from defective designing methods. There may have to be a custom design solution brought to the table that solves the problem. Professional consultants are able to see the problem from both ends of the spectrum and provide a solid answer that works.

Lack of Market Strength

Packaging can be detrimental to product marketing if it is hard for consumers to open, the colors are unattractive, instructions are barely visible, and it puts off the consumer in any other tangible way. This may be a time that current package design gets tossed out and new ideas are brought to the forefront.

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