Comparing Satellite Internet to DSL

Satellite Internet allows a high speed Internet connection to be gotten through a satellite. The signal is sent from one satellite to another satellite that sends the signal to a router which then directs the signal to your computer.

This form of Internet connection is faster than cable or even DSL, and can be accessed in the remotest parts of the world. This is the fastest connection that you can have, downloads are faster, and you can even listen to the radio online without interruption. The speed of a satellite Internet connection is constant.

In order to compare satellite to DSL you have to know what DSL is. It is a digital subscriber line which is faster than cable Internet but not as fast as satellite. DSL is a form of broadband connection that allows files and web browsers to be used at high speeds. The connections are made using phone lines, and you can make phone calls at the same time. It is faster than cable and requires a modem.

Satellite Internet gives you a two way connection so the bandwidth doesn’t fluctuate. With a DSL connection for Internet the speed of your connection isn’t constant which can affect download and viewing speeds. The speed of DSL is dependant on the phone lines, and any problems with them would affect the connection to the Internet. The quality of the telephone cable affects the speed of the Internet connection that is received.

Satellite Internet doesn’t require that you have a telephone connection or that large cables be run in the home. The connection to satellite Internet can be gotten anywhere, even in the most remote places. The lack of need for a telephone line means that you can get it where you can’t get DSL because DSL won’t work with a phone line.

DSL connections get slower the farther out in the country that you go, with satellite Internet you don’t have to worry about this problem. The connection speeds are the same no matter where you are. You can watch video without interruption as well.

The increased demand for faster download speeds, and bandwidth has led to more people moving from DSL to satellite Internet. The connection is more reliable than that of DSL or cable Internet which makes satellite a much better option. This connection is always on, which means that you have an instant connection, and with the lack of bulky wiring there is less clutter in the home.