Choose Creating a Native or Hybrid Mobile App?

In the midst of the development of increasingly advanced technology, problems and human needs are now many who can be assisted using the application. From the start of the difficulty of getting information until the daily needs can we order through the application.

Big players in this app industry are apps on Android and iOS operating system. Just look at our around, now delivery messages, ordering food, reserving hotel rooms, shopping, and others can all be done with the application on our mobile phone.

Seeing this situation, many emerging IOS and Android developers to meet the needs in the manufacture of applications. This situation also becomes a huge market land for developers who want to generate revenue through applications made.

To help developers in making mobile applications, now many emerging platforms of making applications using web programming languages ​​such as Ionic, PhoneGap, and others. The emergence of such mobile application platform is currently divided into two types namely native applications and hybrid applications.

Native apps are usually created using Java language for Android and Objective C for iOS. Native mobile app developmentcan make full use of their operating system especially regarding access to the phone’s hardware. While the hybrid application is an application that adds code or web programming language with native SDK so that it can make cross-platform application cheaply and quickly.

If you are a company that wants to create mobile apps to increase your selling power and earn more revenue for the Native android app development,if you are a newly started developer or business in the app industry, there are some considerations before making what kind of mobile application to use.

Does your business have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) value?

USP is a distinguishing feature that distinguishes your business with other competitors that make your business very special. If your business has Unique value, this is what makes your business different. Selling, persuaded a buyer to buy a product or service offered. Proposition, proposal received.

If your business has a USP then you should make a native type of mobile app. It may take a while to build a native app, but with it the full potential of the intended platform can be fully utilized. This will be useful for user experience of your users or customers.