6 Fool-proof ways to win on slots

Lots of people worldwide decide to play slot machines as they think that it is the simplest form of gambling. Yet this is only partially true: of course, it is easy in terms of a manual aspect but more complicated in regards to the strategical thinking and tactics that should be applied during the gaming session.

A great number of passionate slots players have no clue how gambling machines work as well as no idea about the probability of winning and an idea that the knowledge of certain tactics and tips is really needed to succeed.

Of course, luck is the main key to the jackpot or at the least regular wins. Nevertheless, it absolutely doesn’t mean that strategies shouldn’t be applied to maximise the chances for a positive outcome.

Online winning ways


  1. Maximum payout – the internet is full of leading and reputable virtual casino websites e.g. Bookofradeluxeslotcom that offers its clients a great number of slots on a variety of themes, with multiple features, options and of course, bonuses and promotions. Playing such slot games, it is important to always stick to fixed payouts. There are also progressives that enable people to hit the jackpot. The more people play them, the more chances for a jackpot to occur. Of course, progressives seem to be very tempting but they have one major con – because of a huge desire to win a jackpot, millions of people play them, thus lowering your chances. Subsequently, it is way better and more profitable to play classic gambling machines.
  2. Small jackpot is recommended – it is the universal truth: the smaller the jackpot is, the easier it is to get it. If the jackpot is huge, there are great chances that you’ll lose it all, trying to hit it.
  3. Avoid video reels – comparing video slots with ordinary machines, the first category looks more attractive and desirable. But knowing that it pays back less percentage, they immediately become less tempting. But why is this happening? Why do they pay out less? – It takes a little bit longer time to depict all these entertainment features and during this time, a casino is not making money, thus pays out less (sometimes even up to 5{d03b1254eaaa1a7a71bc46fb6c4123bef01bcc374b40d4d83837a6bc742c7ab4} less).

Offline winning ways

  1. One play strategy – this is the simplest strategy ever, yet the most effective at the same time. You invest all the money you can afford to spend. If you win, you take the percentages and invest the same money again. But if you lose, you try it another time.
  2. Luck – slots gamblers are very superstitious and some believe that mascots or signs would really help them. Whether it is a strategy or not is already a matter of choice.
  3. Deviation strategy – in order to use this tactic, maths skills are required. Due to an advanced mathematical equation, one is capable of determining the chances for a win on this or that slot machine. This strategy really works if only you have patience, practice, concentration and money to complete the game.