4 Tips for Hiring Industrial Repair Services

Industrial repairs can be a tricky business, so it’s important to know what you’re doing before you call in the experts. Here are just four tips for success.

1. Look for Specialized Services

Let’s say that your industrial blending machines have broken down. Since there are many types of industrial blenders out there, you don’t want to bring in a random “blender expert.” You want someone who specializes in your particular <i>kind</i> of blender. Whether it’s paddle blenders, ribbon mixers or jacketed machines, your goal should be finding someone who knows their stuff.

2. Nail Down Your Schedule

If you aren’t careful, industrial repair services can take days or even weeks. Make sure that you’ve spoken to your repair crew about schedules, deadlines, appointments and service goals. If you’re on a timetable, you want them to know it. In turn, they should make a good-faith effort to meet it, and compensation should be offered if they don’t.

3. Talk About Price

How much will they charge for their repair services? Is it by the hour or by the job? Will you be on the hook for materials, labor or some combination of the two? Don’t let money become the elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss. While it might be a bit awkward in the moment, you’ll feel so much better once you have money matters squared away.

4. Ask for a Service Guarantee

If they fix something, it should stay fixed. You shouldn’t be responsible for a part flying off or a machine grinding to a halt two weeks after the repairs were made. However, if this does come to pass, ask the company what they’re willing to do about it. Will they come back out for additional repairs? Will the follow-up visit be free of charge?

These are just a few tips for hiring industrial repair services. Before you call, make sure that you’re fully informed on things like prices and services, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not. A true professional should have no problem addressing your concerns.